Capital One Walmart Rewards Card/ How to get Walmart Capital One Card

It is no news that almost every retail outlet seem to want to inculcate the trend of having credit cards. Are you confused on what card to accept and their benefits? Do you want to understand how these cards work and operate? This post “Capital One Walmart Rewards Card/ How to get Walmart Capital One Card” will answer all your questions. We also looked at What is Capital One Walmart Rewards Card? And Walmart Rewards Card VS Walmart Mastercard. As well as How to get Walmart Capital One Card? And What should I do if my application is declined?

Walmart is an Intercontinental retail company that runs several other outlets like grocery stores and the likes in USA. The company was originally founded by 2 brothers, Sam and James “Bud” Walton in 1962. The brothers are in charge of the subsets on the company in the United States. It is the world largest company according to revenue as well as the largest private employing company. Over the years, Walmart has changed it’s name q couple of times. Some names are; Walmart Discount City (1962-1969), Walmart Inc. (1969-1970), Walmart Stores Inc. (1970-present). However there have been rumors that Walmart is about to change it’s name once again.

What is Capital One Walmart Rewards Card?

Long before Walmart began making use of Capital One, they were in partnership with Synchrony Bank. In fact, the partnership with Capital One is not that old as they were joined in 2018. Synchrony Bank and Walmart fell off after Walmart sued the former for causing financial harms to them. However, this suit was dropped later on for some reason which both parties have refused to disclose. Also, rumor has it that despite this, Synchrony Bank has expressed interest to work with Walmart once again. Walmart and Synchrony Bank had a 19 year old partnership and might as well continue the partnership. In the light of this, what then is a Capital One Walmart Rewards Card?

A Capital One Walmart Rewards Card is simply a kind of retail card through which you earn money instead of losing it. However, a very important thing to note is that this card works better with online shopping rather than in-store shopping. Just like the name implies, this card has Reward categories for when it is used outside Walmart. The Capital One Walmart Rewards Card earn about 5% money back if used to purchase something online. However, when used in a store, it only recovers about 2% cash back. By and Large, this reward card is the best if being used on Walmart grounds or on their site. If you however want a card for traveling and other things, find a credit card that offers cash returns at a higher rate.

Walmart Rewards Card VS Walmart Mastercard

Walmart offers two types of cards and they are basically the Capital One Walmart Rewards Card and Walmart Mastercard. These two cards have very similar benefits as they both are offer a 5% cash back and zero yearly fee. However, a very notable difference between both cards is the versatility of use. While the former is  benefiting when used to make purchases in Walmart, the latter can be used anywhere. Consider Walmart Mastercard as one of your regular cards you use, except that this one is issued by a Privately owned organization. Furthermore, Walmart Reward cards are mostly accepted on Walmart properties unlike Walmart Mastercard. Keep following on Capital One Walmart Rewards Card/ How to get Walmart Capital One Card

As far as benefits go, both cards offer the same thing; 5% back on online purchases and 2% on stores. However, notable benefits of the Walmart Rewards Card include:

  1. 2% cash back when used in restaurants, travel purchases or Walmart fuel stations
  2. 1% cash returned when used where Mastercard is accepted.

People applying for any of the cards for the first time can take full advantage of the welcome bonus. Walmart MasterCards however also have their additional benefits. They include

  1. Extended Warranty Protection
  2. Travel accident insurance
  3. Price protection etc.

How do I use my Capital One Walmart Rewards Card immediately?

Unlike several other kinds of cards that requires you to wait for hours or even weeks to use, Capital One Walmart Rewards Card is quite instant. As soon as your request for the card is approved, it is being sent to your mail in less than a week. As soon as it is sent to you, the process of using it begins. However because the card is an instant one, you will also get an instant card number via the app. When this is gotten, it simply means you can start earning rewards whenever you’re ready.

How to get Walmart Capital One Card?

Applying for a Walmart Capital One card is not a difficult task however, it is not particularly easy either. Before you start thinking of applying for a Walmart card, remember that Walmart offers two of those. Unfortunately, you don’t get to decide which to apply for, the issuer does that. Whichever card your eventually approved of is solely dependent on your credit score. The higher your credit score, the more likely it is for you to be issued a Mastercard. The perk of getting issued a Mastercard is simply the fact that you can make use of it anywhere.

Further more, it is imperative that you know the information that will be required of you before applying for a card. To get the Walmart Capital One Card, you will need to provide the following information. They include; Full name, Date of Birth, Address, Phone Number, SSN, yearly income and a couple other information. While applying, you also get to decide whether or not you want a hardcopy receipt billing. You can also decide to get the credit card protection which is very optional but essential.

Applying for a Walmart Credit Card

As earlier said, applying for a Walmart card is not all that difficult, it however isn’t so easy either. Generally there are 4 known ways to apply for Walmart credit cards and we shall look at them briefly.

Applying in-store at Walmart

To apply with this method, you need two things; A valid Photo ID and a Credit Card. If you have these, then you can proceed to the nearest Walmart around you to apply for your card. The cashier will then Scan the credit card you brought to get your previous information. You should also note that the Credit Card you need to bring doesn’t necessarily have to be Walmart’s. After getting your information, you’ll be asked a couple of questions to complete your form. When this is completed, your application is then submitted. In some cases, you’ll I approved immediately or you’ll be told to call the store for more information later.

Applying at Walmart Jewelry stores

Just like applying in-store, you’ll also need a Valid Photo ID. The application process for both is however very similar except that a jewelry kiosk offer more privacy. Also, you will have enough time to complete whatever is required of you as you won’t have to be in a rush.

Applying online

This is One of the most stress-free method of application. You can apply for a Walmart card online, from the comfort of your room. All you need to do is go to their website and fill your application form to submit. Information on whether or not it is being approved will be received via your mail.

Applying through the mobile app

This is also similar to applying online as it can equally be done from the comfort of your home. However, for this method, you have to first download the Walmart mobile app and set up an account. After this is done, you can proceed with applying to get the Walmart credit card. We hope you’re getting some insight on Capital One Walmart Rewards Card/ How to get Walmart Capital One Card

What should I do if my application is declined?

Sometimes when you apply for Walmart credit cards, you’re not always approved and this can happen for so many reasons. However, the good new is that if you’re declined, Walmart will send you a mail stating the reason for that. It is then left to you to decide what action you would like to take.

Generally when your application for the card is declined, it is advised that you go through the reasons stated. After going through the mail sent to you, you should make effort to actually fix your shortcomings. The most common reasons for a declined application are Low credit score and Outstanding payments. If these are the issues in your own case, you should meet up to what is required of you. However, if the reasons sent to you are false, you can always call Walmart reconsideration line.

Where is Capital One Walmart Rewards Card available?

Capital One Walmart Rewards Card is a new currency implemented by Walmart itself for ease of purchase. This simply means that this card is being made available for all Walmart customers. Also, it is important to note that rewards on the card increases as your purchase increases.

How much Credit score is needed for your application to be approved?

Just like most card issuers, Capital One doesn’t necessarily have a specific score you need to attain before you’re given a card. The only requirement needed is a “good credit score”. However the phrase above according to FICO means a Credit score above 670. The amazing thing about Capital One Walmart cards is that even if you don’t have enough credit score to qualify for a Mastercard, you will be given a store card. Now, it is imperative you understand that Credit score is just one of the requirements needed. There are several other like income, Career, tax payment etc.

By and Large, a Store card is equally not bad except with certain limitations. Unlike the Mastercard, they can only be used in Walmart outlets. To get a Store card, you don’t necessarily need to have a very high credit score. You can just have the barest minimum and still get a store card from Walmart. No Now we look at question on Capital One Walmart Rewards Card/ How to get Walmart Capital One Card.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I use my Walmart Credit Card?

Your Walmart Credit card can be used in any Walmart outlet you find around you. Walmart Neighborhood Markets, Walmart grocery stores,, Walmart Supercenters etc. However, the Walmart Mastercard can only be used in areas that accept Mastercard.

What is the difference between Walmart Reward cards and Walmart Mastercard?

While the former can only be used in Walmart organizations, the latter can be used anywhere it is acceptable. This means that if you’re in an area where Walmart Mastercard is accepted, it can substitute for your normal credit card. Also, Walmart Mastercard comes with special benefits for its users.

How long should I wait for an approval after applying for my card?

In most cases, you’re told immediately whether or not your application has been approved. However if for any reason the information is delayed, you’ll I told to contact the store later for confirmation. Unless you have outstanding payments, getting approval for your card should be easy.

Do I need to sign up to get rewards?

No!! As soon as you’re approved for Walmart Credit card, you are automatically signed into Walmart rewards. You can now get rewards on your purchases.

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