Free Spanish Courses Online With Certificates

If you want to learn Spanish but don’t know where to start, look into free online Spanish classes. we will be discussing Free Spanish Courses Online With Certificates. Online Spanish classes Community College. Learning Spanish will allow you to communicate more effectively with Spanish speakers both within and outside the United States. Developing your Spanish language abilities can enable you to broaden your options and travel, live, and work in many locations across the world.

Spanish, is one of the romance languages. Is generally spoken by people in Spain and Central and South America. Outside of these nations, Spanish is the second most frequently spoken language in the world. With approximately 400 million people speaking it. As a result, regardless matter where you live. Or what your work path is, knowing a few basic Spanish is really beneficial. If you work in business or marketing, knowing Spanish may help you communicate with foreign partners. And if you perform freelance work, knowing a little Spanish can help you reach a wider range of consumers!

Learning a language is never simple. It always helps to be able to proceed at your own speed, ask questions, and just begin. Taking a free online course allows you to accomplish exactly that while also allowing you to learn Spanish at your own pace. At no additional expense to you! Free lessons on this list will provide you with a complete introduction to the language, its intricacies, and its terminology. We choose them using an exclusive approach that only finds the greatest possibilities. If you want to find a

Read on for five amazing free online courses to learn Spanish which is an easy way to learn a new language.

Coursera: Basic Spanish Vocabulary Specialization

This Coursera program provided by UC Davis is one of your “specializations,” which means you’ll finish a bigger program by taking five of your initial Spanish courses. More than 85,000 students have registered in the course to date, with over 3,000 ratings of the curriculum of almost five stars. Coursera is a web platform that collaborates with many colleges to provide students with free online courses. They occasionally combine courses to form bigger specialities, which provide a free, shareable certificate of completion and are more thorough.

Dr Robert Blake, a professor at the University of California, Davis, conducts this free online Spanish course, which has over 150,000 online students. Blake will have taught students how to incorporate approximately 1,500 new Spanish words and phrases into their vocabulary by the conclusion of the course. It’s easy to see why nearly a quarter of students who graduate from this degree move on to explore a new job. The speciality also includes a project for practical learning. Students must prepare a written trip itinerary.

The course is free with a certificate which is also free and takes a duration of 5 months Beginner’s Curriculum. it has an excellent user experience and wonderful instruction quality.

Its advantages include:

  • Begin whenever you want and go at your own speed
  • provided by one of the best colleges in the United States
  • Provides a free completion certificate.


  • A longer course is not suitable for a rapid review of information.

Alison: Introduction to Spanish – Revised 

Alison is a free online educational website whose major purpose is to teach professionals new skills that will help them perform better at work. The site presently has over 14 million students enrolled, and it hosts over 1,500 college courses. Joining is free, and many students have discovered that taking classes on the site has greatly raised their wages or gained them a promotion. You will also discover

On-site job-specific career guidance and training to assist you in reaching your own objectives. It’s the ideal moment to brush up on some fundamental Spanish ideas. You will learn how to calculate and utilize dates accurately, as well as how to make purchases and bookings.

Its Introduction to Spanish Language course focuses on developing learners’ pronunciation and grammar abilities, and its Restaurants & Dining Out route delves into common phrases and grammar used when placing an order at Spanish-speaking restaurants These ideas are useful for travel and may also be applied in everyday life. When you reach the next level of Spanish, you will be able to speak successfully with people and it provides a Spanish certificate manual. Both manuals follow a set of modules, featuring audio recordings and interactive instructions to help you develop. Access to all route fabric is unrestricted.

The cost is nothing. Yes, a certificate exists. Time to complete: around 1.5-3 hours Beginner’s Syllabus Excellent user experience Excellent instruction quality


  • Begin whenever you want and go at your own speed.
  • Learn the key ideas for travelling.
  • In just a few hours, you may learn hundreds of new words and phrases.


  • Alison’s website gives this classification 2.9 stars out of 5.

Coursera: Spanish for Successful Communication in Healthcare Settings

Although this Coursera course appears to be directed at a certain population, the knowledge you receive from it may be useful in a range of other circumstances. If you want to stay in a Spanish-speaking country for an extended period of time and will need to consult a doctor at some point, this course will be beneficial to you. It may also be handy if you work in healthcare and wish to eventually migrate to a Spanish-speaking nation for your career. Coursera is a learning platform that provides students with engaging career courses to help them start or enhance their professions. Rice University provides this free online Spanish course with certification, which is taught by Maria Victoria Abad Rabat.

She is a university professor of Spanish with almost 20,000 online students. Rice University is one of the top 20 colleges in the United States, thus taking a course there might be beneficial to your education. When you finish the course, you will understand the fundamentals of doctor-patient communication, including how to explain procedures, do a physical exam, and overcome tough communication challenges. Certificate: Yes, free of charge. Approximately 168 hours to complete Syllabus: Intermediate Level of Experience: Good Instructional Quality: Excellent


  • Excellent for medical professionals.
  • It teaches vital vocabulary as well as communication skills.
  • Educators from the top 20 US institutions


  • Intended primarily for healthcare professionals or persons in need of medical aid.

edX: Spanish for Beginners 

EdX, a prominent supplier of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) developed by Harvard and MIT, provides online Spanish courses that may be tailored to your specific requirements. Students interested in enhancing their employability can enrol in courses leading to professional credentials, while those interested in studying abroad in a Spanish-speaking nation can enrol in the Travel by Spanish America programme. Intermediate Spanish classes emphasize grammar, pronunciation, and sentence structure in order to improve your conversational abilities. While all edX courses are free, most certifications must be purchased.

This course is given by the Universidad del Rosario. Is ideal for individuals who do not know Spanish but wish to go to a Spanish-speaking nation. The sessions provide you with enough vocabulary to learn for your trip without having to spend hours in a dull lecture. EdX is a well-known huge open online course platform that is free to enrol and offers a wide range of course routes and even titles. Some courses are free, some are expensive, but all are provided by world-class colleges or institutes.

Almost 6,500 students have already registered for this travel course. And are making the most of their time in Spanish-speaking nations. Students will have learned some fundamental communication tools at the end of the online Spanish course with certification, allowing them to speak successfully with others around them at the destination. Students also learn about Hispanic traditions and how to identify themselves, follow directions, order from restaurants, and other skills. Time required to complete: 4 weeks of Beginner’s Curriculum.


  • Ideal for anyone considering a vacation to a Spanish-speaking country.
  • Teaches vital vocabulary as well as communication skills.
  • An exceptional Spanish university teacher.


  • only In terms of travel
  • The certification does not come cheap.


Duolingo is a website and mobile application that is widely regarded as one of the greatest and most current methods of learning a new language. It provides lessons in a variety of languages more than 35 different languages, the most popular of which is Spanish. Each interactive session is personalized to your unique learning style. And provides immediate feedback, allowing you to rapidly discover areas of weakness. This fascinating learning tool, designed to seem like a game, contains a virtual currency rewards system, unlocked levels, and daily challenges. Duolingo has over 300 million active users and is one of the world’s most popular educational apps.

The site is absolutely free to use, and you can continue your lessons by transferring them to your mobile devices, such as an iPhone, iPad, or Android. Also makes learning entertaining and addicting by engaging your mind with mini-games and quizzes that enhance your vocabulary and grammar.

Duolingo may assist you in improving your speaking and reading skills in any language. It is free to use for as long as you want, even if you are proficient in the language you are attempting to learn. May also be used to supplement other learning platforms if you are presently enrolled in a more organized online course. There isn’t a specific time to finish: For whatever long it takes Beginner to Intermediate Curriculum. Excellent user experience Teaching quality: Excellent professionals:


  • an excellent supplement to other learning platforms.
  • It is compatible with both desktop and mobile devices.
  • It is appropriate for all levels of learning.


  • There is no formal curriculum and no syllabus.

Lengalia Beginner Courses 

Lengalia is a website that allows you to learn Spanish at your own speed through 24 distinct courses. It provides a plethora of materials, including extensive grammatical explanations, a planned and flexible learning method, Spanish tutors, and Spanish diplomas for students to achieve. Although Lengalia is normally a paid service, students can use it for free for 7 days before making a commitment. This trial week provides plenty of opportunities to test out one of the basic courses and see whether this platform is suited for you.

Lengalia offers 24 self-paced courses ranging from A0 to C2. C2 is a level at which pupils can understand practically everything they read or write and communicate effectively in tough settings. If you want to get to that level, Lengalia is a terrific place to start, and you may ultimately find it worthwhile to pay to remain a member of the site. You will be able to converse with practically any Spanish speaker in most scenarios by the completion of all Lengalia courses.

Benefits include

  • the ability to begin at any time and proceed at your own speed.
  • There are 24 distinct self-study courses available.
  • Can accept students with skill levels up to C2.


  • The free trial period lasts seven days, after which no course content is available.

Future Learn: Spanish for Beginners 1

Future Learn is an online platform that connects students to future-oriented courses. The platform collaborates with numerous organizations and colleges to provide free courses to users. They are introduced on a rolling basis, so you never know what you will get. This finest online Spanish course is great for individuals who know nothing about the language and want to meet new people because it teaches basic vocabulary and phrases. and effectively communicate

Palma Mackenzie, the course instructor, has been teaching Spanish at The Open University for over 14 years. If you work on it four hours per week, the course should take roughly four weeks, and Future Learn provides a Certificate of Achievement for an extra $59 charge. After finishing the greatest free online Spanish course with certification, you’ll be able to greet others, tell them where you’re from, tell them about your job, and tell them about the languages you speak.


  • Start whenever you want and at your own pace.
  • learn how to meet people and introduce yourself learn from the ground up


  • The certificate is not provided for free with the course.

SkillShare: Learn Spanish 

This course, developed by Mark Perren-Jones, combines a variety of Spanish knowledge into 35 short courses, making it an excellent resource for students wishing to learn the language. This is one of the reasons why the course is a premium course on SkillShare. That is, you must have an upgraded premium membership to access it. Fortunately, SkillShare provides new users with a free 14-day trial of their premium membership, allowing you plenty of time to complete this course, which takes around two hours.
3 hours. Mark Perren-Jones is a world-renowned massage and acupuncture practitioner as well as a Spanish specialist.
Perren-Jones tries to make their course enjoyable and simple, and they guarantee that you will learn hundreds, if not thousands, of new Spanish phrases in just one hour.

You will be able to pronounce many new Spanish phrases with ease at the conclusion of the free online Spanish sessions, and you will realize that learning a new language can be a lot of fun.


  • You can begin at any moment and advance at your own speed.
  • Lessons should be enjoyable.
  • In just a few hours, you may learn hundreds of new words and phrases.


  • There is no evidence of performance.
  • The course materials’ free trial period expires after two weeks, after which access is no longer available.

Learn Practical Spanish Online: Introductory Spanish Courses

Learn Practical Spanish Online is more of an interactive application with lessons that you may repeat based on your particular ability than a real course with a curriculum. Anyone who wants to utilize the website is free to do so. It does not need a membership, so you may brush up on your skills at any moment. This site is ideal for reviewing specific subjects during class in conjunction with a more organized curriculum. , which is great for people who wish to study the language in a less academic context with more real-world applications.

In the “Beginner” segment, there are ten separate lessons, but the lessons develop to intermediate and advanced ideas as needed. Nouns, fundamental sentence constructions, adjectives, subject pronouns, and possessive pronouns are all covered in the introductory level classes. as well as pronouns, verbs, and the imperative. These online Spanish classes also include reading practice at the conclusion, which is useful for combining verbal, oral, and reading abilities.

Benefits include:

  • the ability to begin at any time and proceed at your own speed.
  • Ideal for supplementing other learning tools.
  • The material ranges from basic to advanced.


  • No completion certificate
  • No organized course with a curriculum

Udemy: 3 Minute Spanish – Beginner Taster Lessons

Do you have trouble sitting during long classes or sessions? Have you discovered that traditional language classes are ineffective for you due to their length? These Udemy taster courses may be the ideal balance for your attention span. This course is a little over an hour long, however, it is divided into tiny 3-minute courses that are easy to remember. Udemy is a free online learning platform that provides a wide range of free and paid courses to subscribers.

Kieran Ball’s free online Spanish course assumes you don’t know Spanish and begins with the fundamentals. The ball is a language instructor in the United Kingdom with around 300,000 online pupils.

Because your brief courses do not include any complicated technical terms or jargon, you will have no trouble learning words and short sentences. By the end of the course, you will be able to provide thoughts, introductions, and other information.


  • Begin whenever you choose and go at your own speed.
  • Lessons are broken up into three-minute halves.
  • Begin with the most basic words and phrases.

The disadvantage is that;

  • there is no confirmation of performance.

Online Spanish classes Community College

The official language of 22 nations is Spanish. More than 266 million people use it as their first language. Spanish is the fastest-growing language in the United States, with over 30 million speakers. Spanish is an official language of the European Union, UNESCO, and the United States. GATT, UNIDO, and U. English is an essential languages in international political gatherings. In Spanish, there are about 16,000 periodicals, 250 television channels, and 5,000 radio stations. Spanish is quickly becoming one of the most popular and vital business languages.
Speaking Spanish allows you to interact with people from all over the world, from Spain to South America, Central America, and the Caribbean. When you visit a Spanish-speaking nation, you will undoubtedly increase your experience by interacting in Spanish.

University of Texas

The University of Texas at Austin provides a comprehensive catalogue of Spanish study tools, including videos, podcasts, and vocabulary activities. The curriculum is divided into four levels: beginner, intermediate, advanced, and advanced. The novice level includes 15 projects, each including grammatical drills and video interviews. Students at the upper levels focus on role play to develop their conversational abilities. UT Austin also has a dense population.
The grammar index focuses on short sentences, double negatives, and pronouns.

Students get free access to all assignments and materials.


You have the option of studying online from anywhere around the globe. The whole course and group work are done online. Your professors will also provide you with individual attention so you may discuss the content, ask questions, and obtain assistance. The program considers the requirements of off-campus students. The online curriculum includes a range of interesting delivery modalities, including online lectures, collaborative sessions, discussion forums, dual-mode training, and many types of feedback.

The University of Illinois’ online Master of Arts program provides a high academic foundation as well as a qualification from one of the world’s premier research universities.

The program is available in two formats: online and on campus. Online students study the same core courses as on-campus students and are taught by the same professors. While online students are not compelled to visit the campus, they are always welcome. at all events, including the commencement ceremony The form of instruction is not stated in the final certificate and diploma because the content and requirements of the online and face-to-face modes are similar.

Master’s students finish courses in translation and interpreting theory and practice, and can specialize in one of three areas: professional terminology, localization, and translation; literary translation; and community and conference interpreting. We encourage all students to investigate subjects outside of their field of study.

Florida state college at Jacksonville

Sign up for our Spanish language online courses right now. Sign up for any one of our Spanish Speaking Series courses or all three levels.


Speed Spanish

Consider learning to speak, read, and write in Spanish. You may now speak Spanish quickly! This course is for everyone who wants to learn Spanish quickly. Six simple recipes for integrating Spanish words into sentences will be taught. You can sometimes go into any Spanish-speaking scenario and chat in Spanish. What a treat!

Speed Spanish II

At high speed Have you ever heard a non-native speaker of Spanish speak it fluently? Did you like it? Do you want to become more conversational and at ease in Spanish-speaking situations? now you can.

Our Spanish crash course is unlike any other you’ve done before. You’ll see words, hear them accurately spoken, and have plenty of opportunities to perfect your pronunciation.

Learn how to weave words together into phrases using various smart methods. Sign up for Speed Spanish II and you’ll see an improvement in your Spanish from the first lesson.

Speed Spanish III

Complete the newest episode of our exclusive three-part Quick Spanish study series to improve your ability to speak, interpret, and read Spanish. This advanced course will teach you the last six dishes that will serve you well. as templates to assist you in creating any Spanish phrase you choose The goal of this course is not only to learn the recipes but also to utilize them on the spur of the moment so that you never run out of words.

Johnson County Community College

Learn a new language, interact with Spanish speakers, and gain a skill that will help you succeed in your job. We provide Spanish classes at Johnson County Community College to fit your level of experience, whether you’re studying Spanish for the first time or not. time or have studied for many years Courses on Zoom Instruction to Continue 2022 are available for an engaging experience! In our virtual classes, you will converse in Spanish with the teacher and your peers.

Don’t just walk away!

What will I study in the Spanish classes at JCCC?

In just one semester, you may learn to read, write, speak, and understand basic Spanish. Spanish is the second most spoken language in the United States and is widely spoken in more than 20 countries in America and Europe. Your abilities will be in high demand.

Grammar, conversation, writing, and the culture of Spanish-speaking nations are all covered in JCCC’s Spanish classes. To get the most out of your Spanish classes, focus on long-term learning. Every day, put what you’ve learned in class into practice. Discussions with other Spanish speakers Improve your language abilities by participating in an interactive classroom setting.

Prince Geoge Community College

When it comes to teaching a new language to a beginner, PGCC takes a hands-on approach. We teach Spanish as it is used in everyday life, day by day. Our first and most important goal is to learn how to communicate in Spanish. -speaking people at home or abroad, for business or pleasure, not to master the mechanics of a language’s morphology, grammar and syntax, although this may come later. Our initial focus is on the functional content of language to build and develop relationships with
people who communicate in unusual ways

Topics encompass pronunciation, vocabulary and cultural differences through practical dialogues and role-play that bring real-life events into the classroom so you may have fun and enjoy the learning process.


Learning Spanish from domestic has by no means been easier. At Homeschool Spanish Academy, we realize how critical it’s miles to research Spanish in a sensible but particular way. You can take our instructions from the consolation of domestic for your laptop or phone. Sign up for a free trial elegance now to experience how well our method works for you!
Learning Spanish is a massive and thrilling project. Whether you’re gaining knowledge for work, travel, or only for it’s critical to locate the proper equipment that will help you along.  However, finding the right one can be difficult. Hopefully, this article will make it easier.

we will be discussing Free Spanish Courses Online With Certificates. Online Spanish classes Community College. Learning

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