How to get Netflix Student Discount

Popular streaming service Netflix provides a huge selection of TV episodes, films, documentaries, and other content. Users that have subscriptions get access to on-demand, commercial-free viewing of their preferred material. The Crown and Stranger Things are two well-known examples of Netflix’s original programming. The service is offered in numerous nations throughout the world and provides various subscription plans to meet various demands. It is no news that people seek for Netflix Student Discount.

Initially launched in 1997 as a DVD rental-by-mail service, Netflix switched to streaming in 2007. The company has had significant growth since that time and today has more than 200 million subscribers globally. Netflix creates its own original programming in addition to a sizable library of licensed content, including highly regarded series like House of Cards and Orange is the New Black.

Netflix offers a variety of subscription packages, including a basic package that permits users to view on one screen simultaneously in standard definition and a premium package that allows users to watch on up to four screens simultaneously in high definition or ultra-high definition. In several nations, the firm also provides mobile-only plans.

Find out about discounts for students on well-known streaming providers like Netflix. Learn how to budget for your favorite movies and TV and how to get Netflix Student Discount in this blog post.

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Availability and Eligibility For Netflix Student Discount

A student discount is not provided by Netflix. The likes of Amazon Prime, YouTube Premium, and Paramount+ are among other streaming services that do provide student discounts. Like Netflix, these services include exclusive TV shows and movies, and they all try to provide the widest selection.

There is, sadly, no Netflix student deal to help reduce the pressure if you are a student striving to make a livelihood on a tight budget. Students do, however, have a few options if they want to stretch their entertainment budget.

Although Netflix has discontinued offering an opportunity to try the service for free, there are nevertheless, plenty of wonderful substitutes with student discounts and some cost-free TV and movie streaming services that can help you save even more money.

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Alternatives to Netflix Student Discount

Other streaming providers, such as Amazon Prime, YouTube Premium, and Paramount+, do provide student discounts, however, Netflix does not. Like Netflix, these platforms give only available television series and movies, and they all fight to provide the most choices.

Amazon offers some of the best discounts for students on streaming platforms. If you are in school, the online e-commerce titan offers an entirely free six-month trial of Amazon Prime. Amazon Prime Student offers access to Prime Video, Amazon Music Prime, and Prime Gaming in addition to quick delivery. You have two options after your trial period is over: cancel, or choose to pay $7.49/month or $69/year. That costs half as much as a typical Prime membership.

YouTube Premium is another option. This subscription allows you to view YouTube Premium programs and movies, removes adverts from YouTube, and provides you access to YouTube Music.

Although Hulu doesn’t provide a student discount, you may use Spotify’s student coupon to obtain Hulu for nothing. Hulu Student offers a staggering 70% discount off the regular Hulu subscription price. While the majority of Hulu subscribers pay $6.99 per month for the ad-supported service, students only pay $1.99 each month.

Another streaming service with a student discount is Paramount+. Now, Paramount Plus is accessible for free as part of Walmart Plus. Walmart Plus is $12.95 each month or $98 per year.

There are some free TV and movie streaming websites that can help you save more cash in addition to these paid streaming providers with student discounts. The free Netflix substitutes Tubi, Crackle, and Vudu are available.

Be aware that each streaming service will have different requirements for students to qualify, but generally, any student with an edu-based email address can do so. Since many of these discounts are available as long as you are registered, you can easily accumulate savings as time passes.

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Ask Your Family or Friends to Lend You Their Profile or Split the Cost

Asking your friends or relatives whether they would be prepared to lend you their Netflix profile or divide the subscription price is one option if you’re seeking for cheaper alternatives to Netflix as a student. Here are some things to think about:


Start by talking to your close friends or family members about your intentions. Describe how you’d like to access Netflix content and your desire to look into more affordable choices. Finding a win-win solution is made easier by open communication. 

Sharing of profiles:

Netflix enables customers to make several profiles under a single account. Anyone close to you who already subscribes to Netflix may be eager to disclose their user profile to you. In this manner, you can make use of their account to access Netflix without getting your own subscription.


Another choice is to bring up the idea of a Netflix cost-sharing plan with relatives or close friends members. To lessen the financial load on each person, you might divide the subscription fee equally among the group. Everyone can view Netflix’s whole collection using this technique and have a personal profile.

Rules and Regulations:

If you decide to share profiles or split expenses, it’s crucial to set up certain rules to ensure fairness and prevent disputes. Discuss issues including who controls the account, how to handle any extra costs or upgrades, and how to handle various viewing preferences.

Payment Method:

Choose a method for paying the subscription cost. To make the process simpler and more transparent, you can either have one person be in charge of collecting payments from the others and managing the payment on their card or you may look at options like PayPal or Venmo.

Account Security and Privacy:

It’s critical to protect the confidentiality of one another when using a shared account. Remind everyone to safeguard their login information and avoid sharing the data with any person outside the team. Each person’s watching history, recommendations, and personal data are all kept private as a result of this.

Rotation System:

To ensure fairness, you can set up a system of rotation if several people want to use the same Netflix account. For instance, each user is granted access to the account for a specified amount of time—say, a week or a month—before it rotates to the next user. Everyone gets the same opportunity of enjoying Netflix content in this fashion.

Always remember to share profiles and split expenses with people you can trust, such your close friends or family. It’s crucial that everyone participating abides by the Netflix terms and conditions and correct usage guidelines.

Last but not least, always bear in mind that the terms and conditions for splitting charges or sharing accounts can shift in the future, so it’s critical to stay current with Netflix’s regulations in order to prevent any future issues.


1. Does Netflix give discounts to students?

No, Netflix isn’t offering a price reduction for students. Other online streaming services, like Amazon Prime, YouTube Premium, and Paramount+, do provide student discounts.

2. How can I purchase streaming services at a discounted rate as a student?

Every streaming service will have different requirements for students to qualify, but in most cases, any student with an Edu-based email address can do so. Many of these savings remain active as long as you remain enrolled.

3. What Netflix alternatives provide student discounts?

Amazon Prime, YouTube Premium, Hulu, and Paramount+ are among Netflix substitutes that provide student discounts. These services compete to provide the widest range possible and feature exclusive programs and films.

4. Are there any websites that let students access television programs and movies for free?

Yes, there are certain places where you can watch television episodes and films for free and still save money. Tubi, Crackle, and Vudu are all free Netflix substitutes.

5. Can I split the fee for my Netflix subscription with other people like family?

Absolutely! You can share the cost of a Netflix subscription with relatives and close friends. You may even consider trying to pay the difference for an upgrade to a plan that would allow you to watch videos without affecting their TV viewing. Additionally, contemplate establishing an alliance with your classmates who wish to use a new account so that you can share their costs equally.

6. How many users can stream Netflix simultaneously?

The kind of account you have determines how many individuals can watch Netflix at once. Basic accounts (the entry-level) can accommodate a single viewer. A Standard subscription allows for a maximum of two concurrent watchers. Four people can simultaneously watch Netflix on the same account with a Premium subscription.

7. In what way can I limit who is allowed access to my Netflix accounts and what devices they use?

From the Manage Access and Devices tab, members may control who has access to their accounts.

8. How do IP addresses and device IDs get tracked by Netflix?

To confirm that users are members of the same household, Netflix can trace IP addresses and device IDs.

9. Can I give someone who doesn’t live with my access to my Netflix account?

No, Netflix subscribers can only share their accounts with persons who reside in the same house as them.

10. Can I make a Netflix profile for a different person?

You can make a profile for a different person on your Netflix account, yes. The individual utilizing the profile you create will need to sign in to Netflix using the username and password, even though it should have a special name and avatar of its own.


There’s no need to give up hope, Netflix may not provide a student discount! Other streaming services such as Amazon Prime, YouTube Premium, Hulu, and Paramount+ all have great student discounts available. Students can benefit from these special offers and watch their favorite TV shows and movies without going over budget with a little bit of research and an Edu-based email address.

There are also free TV and movie streaming websites available for those who want to cut costs even further. So why not stream more strategically rather than very hard? Use these deals and free services to get top-notch entertainment while keeping your costs low.

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