Apply for Real Madrid Youth Academy Scholarship Registration

Follow the instructions provided on this website to obtain a Real Madrid Youth Academy Tryout / registration certificate, and apply for Real Madrid Youth Academy Scholarship Registration. Are you a young footballer who loves to play for the real Madrid? You are welcome to stay in the right place, you can join the Real Madrid Youth Academy in Europe and other football clubs. Follow the instructions provided to apply.

The world of football discrimination cannot be said without Real Madrid Football Club. Since its inception the 102 Club has had a changing status as a major European in football. In home football, the club has won sixty-six cups; List of La Liga 34, 19 Copa del Rey, 11 Supercopa de España, Copa Eva Duarte and Copa de la Liga. In European and international competitions, Real Madrid have won 26 records; record 13 European Cup / UEFA Champions League, two UEFA Cups, and four UEFA Super Cups. At the World Cup, they have won seven world champions. See also how to apply and register for the Manchester United Academy

Real Madrid Youth Academy Scholarship Registration

The club has an open plan that welcomes both students and international students. For the nearest, the address of the Real Madrid school is in some selected cities around the world. The club is no exception to the arts of the Football Academy in Europe. A person can be screened through the Real Madrid Football Academy experiment, through agents, observers, or special arrangements. Additionally, applicants can also be accepted through the application immediately. Watch out for the Real Madrid school trial period near you.

The club is looking for enthusiastic young people who are doing well in leather sports around. Below are some requirements from applicants. Liverpool Football School Test

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