Top 20 Colleges for Cheap Online Master’s Degrees

If you are looking forward to starting a master’s degree program this post” Top 20 Colleges for Cheap Online Master’s Degrees “, will help guide you through.

For some people in today’s US workforce, one thing is certain. If a four-year college education is enough to start a career. A college degree is one way to jump-start that career. Tragically, in many fields, employable workers end up locking themselves out of career advancement. Because they don’t earn a college degree. It is not necessarily the case that such people require insight or vital expertise. However, many companies accept that graduate representatives give their organization an advantage in this area.

A college degree holder must have a certain level of discipline, additional mastery, and important skills.

In case you are in a low place in day-to-day operations or have other individual commitments. It might be challenging to cause a riot in town to get your degree. Fortunately, experts are more readily available today than at any time in recent memory. Through user-friendly online organizations, more colleges across the country are showcasing them than at any other time. These projects bear the price of phenomenal adaptability and adaptability. Ultimately classifying the real school vision for many students across the country.

Before choosing, try to check if the degree you are interested in works entirely online or in a cross-design.

How much does an online master’s degree cost?

Due to the difference between online master’s degrees and conventional master’s degrees. It’s important to know how much an online master’s degree is. The cost of an online master’s degree, just like on-campus programs, varies for a variety of reasons.

For instance, private colleges sometimes charge higher tuition than public colleges. Because many of their resources are available online, online institutions often offer a price that covers tuition and book fees.

How long does an online master’s degree take?

Particularly at the graduate level, online programs vary from school to school. The next. Differences in credit time requirements, specialties offered, terms, transfers, and credit limits illustrate the differences.

These are the variables that can affect the time you spend in the virtual school. If you work full-time or have other responsibilities, these considerations are critical.

Some institutions are more adaptable with their programs than others. And knowing which program meets your specific needs is critical to effectively completing your degree.

The Factor The most important thing is How long it takes to graduate depending on whether you enroll full-time or part-time. A graduate degree can be completed in as little as 18 months for full-time students. But part-time students can take up to take five years to complete all requirements. As a full-time student, an online master’s degree typically takes about a year to complete. For part-time students, it can take 2-3 years. Some colleges and universities offer accelerated programs that can be completed in as little as 12 to 18 months.

This college includes:

Fort Hays State University

Average Graduate Student Fees (In-State): $2,384

Situated in the core of Kansas, Post Roughages State College comes in as the least expensive online graduate degree program. Post Feeds expert’s program empowers understudies to go to classes and procure their graduate degree in a helpful online design. FHSU accepts that excellent schooling ought to be open to individuals from varying backgrounds. All keeping that in mind, the virtual school bears the cost of adaptability and comfort to its understudies.

Classes work on a moving semester so understudies can finish courses as per their timetables. While many schools offer online-based degrees, what separates FHSU is its predictable presence among the U.S. News and World Report’s best online expert projects. The school offers about 50 online degrees, with 16 different graduate degrees a couple of which remember the experts for brain research, business organization, nursing, training, and considerably more.

Midwestern State University

Normal graduate Tuition (In-State): $3,726

Midwestern State College comes in at number two on our rundown, and as the main public human sciences school in the province of Texas, its online master’s programs are solidly established in the MSU human sciences custom; in any case, they keep areas of strength for a concentration. In-state educational cost is moderately high, yet the nature of schooling is certainly worth the expense.

MSU offers non-Texas occupants an exceptional educational cost rate too, guaranteeing that understudies from varying backgrounds can get elite training from a distance. The college offers various online expert projects, including the MBA in Bosses of Business Organization, the Masters in Law enforcement, the MS in Nursing, and substantially more. All things considered, grants the foundation a grade rating of ‘B’ for scholastics, worth, and variety, meaning this school is a great choice in general.

Wayne State College

Average Graduate Students Fees (In-State): $4,145

Situated in the rustic town of Wayne, Nebraska, our number three posting is a school that has reinforced its web-based programs in striking ways. The school is generally notable for its web-based Graduate degree program in Business Organization (MBA), Training (MSE), Authoritative Administration (MSOM), and 13 other web-based expert projects.

The online expert’s program is shown by the very personnel that show nearby, meaning the nature of training is predictable and held to a similar elevated requirement in all cases. WSC’s online frameworks use the Writing board to assist with working with study hall collaborations. Through this framework, students can stay in contact with teachers and their colleagues while keeping steady over their coursework.

The Holy Apostles College & Seminary

Normal Alumni Understudy Educational cost (In-State): $4,185

The Heavenly Witnesses School and Theological College is a Roman Catholic organization that has worked with a license from the Commission of Advanced education since its establishment in 1956. The school is a little, confidential association of loyal, dedicated students and serious personnel. To the extent that online Masters’s programs go, Holy Apostle is most certainly the main competitor.

The online graduate program offers MA in Theology, an MA in Philosophy, and an MA in Pastoral Studies. These educational programs revolve generally around otherworldly and philosophical ideas, and because the actual school is a little foundation, the understudy to workforce proportion is simply 5:1. This implies that the entire foundation is an honest, solitary, very close local area.

The University of West Georgia

Average PhD cost (in state): $4,282

“When you go out west, amazing things happen.” That certainly applies to our number 5 school, the University of West Georgia. As one of the most progressive schools in the state, UWG embraces diversity, values ​​community, and ultimately encourages student success. UWG offers 18 different Masters programs through its online system, some of which include the Online MBA, MSN in Nursing, and MEd in Educational Technology, Media
& Design. By going virtual, West Georgia students can save significant amounts of time and money that they would otherwise spend on housing, scheduling, and daily expenses on campus.

Furthermore, non-resident students will not be charged additional fees for distance learning.

Valdosta State University

As the second of our top ten schools in the state of Georgia, Valdosta State University ranks fifth on our list. Valdosta prides itself on being a place where students never feel invisible or ignored. The Valdosta faculty’s collective commitment to innovative learning, the school’s dedication to hands-on research, and minimal class sizes come together to create an environment in which individual students can thrive.

The school offers in-state instruction to students from Florida, South Carolina, Tennessee, and even Alabama. Valdosta Online is a feature that helps students significantly reduce costs and is a particularly attractive option for non-traditional students.

And with a choice of 28 online master’s programs, students have the opportunity to specialize in virtually any area they desire.

The University of Texas of the Permian Basin

Seventh on our list is the only university named after a geological formation: one of the world’s richest mineral deposits from the Permian geological period. This school is home to more than 7,000 students and a faculty of 250 teachers, and professors and is located in a region of great economic growth. UTPB is ranked among the top 5 public universities in Texas for employed students a year after graduation, an impressive achievement in today’s competitive job markets. This quality of education extends to the school’s online programs.

UTPB offers 10 online graduate programs in areas such as educational leadership, special education, business administration, accounting, public administration, and kinesiology.

Classes are typically spread over eight weeks, allowing students to complete classes faster and finish sooner.

Georgia Southern University

Average graduate cost (in-state): $4,572

Georgia Southern University is the largest and most comprehensive university in the state south of Atlanta. Home to more than 27,000 students from all 50 states and 102 nations, Georgia Southern encourages learning, discovery, and personal growth.

The hallmark of a Georgia Southern education has always been the theory about the classroom to put into practice. . It is this mindset that has brought achievements to students since the school’s inception in 1906. This certainly applies to the online master’s courses.

As a school trying to meet the growing and diverse needs of its students, Georgia Southern offers master’s degrees in business, education, health, liberal arts, and social sciences.

Arkansas State University

Average graduate tuition (in the state): $4,986

Number 9 on our list is Arkansas State University, the true flagship school of the ASU system. It is consistently ranked among the top 25 schools in the area and is known for being the economic and cultural engine of Northeast Arkansas.

If you are studying anywhere in (or outside) the state of Arkansas a master’s Pursue Graduation is here. The virtual system has 25 different online master’s programs in areas such as education, teaching, strategic communication, school counseling, early childhood services, and media management. Because courses are often arranged in seven-week blocks to accelerate learning, students can graduate with a master’s degree in as little as 20 months.

The University of Central Arkansas

One of the oldest universities in the state is the University of Central Arkansas which has years of experience in providing quality education to its students. As a student-centered school, UCA adapts to student needs to accommodate a variety of learning styles. With the growing popularity of online programs, school has focused on making education more affordable and accessible.

Currently, UCA offers a range of hybrid options and programs five times online, for which no presence at the UCA is required. installations. These majors include Master of Business Administration (MBA), Family and Consumer Sciences (MS), Educational Technology (MS), Geographic Information Systems (MGIS), Health Promotion (MS), and more.

Southern New Hampshire University

Average cost per credit: $627

What does it take to create the best cheap online master’s programs? Start by creating 30-40 college degrees, then make the vast majority (80+%) of them available online.

To differentiate yourself, vary and add to the type of degrees you offer They add some unique options, such as economics and creative writing. It also helps develop more challenging curricula in popular disciplines, such as creative writing. B. an MBA program with 50 (yes, 50!) majors.

This is complemented by a variety of digital support facilities, including a virtual writing center and 24/7 online counseling. Alternatively, you can get all of these benefits and more simply by enrolling with SNHU!

SNHU offers the most diverse and comprehensive online graduate degree for MBA students, with 50 majors.

Pennsylvania State University-World Campus

Average Cost consistent with Credit: $805

Penn State’s “World Campus” is an extraordinary instance of ononlineetting to know. PSU-World is subsidized via way of means of a large public college with extra than one hundred years of revel in better education. It gives legitimate, first-rate tiers at a low cost.

This web-primarily based faculty can also provide pinnacle online master’s tiers in uncommon disciplines like Applied Demography, Enterprise Architecture, Nutritional Sciences, and Renewable Energy/Sustainability Systems, way to its discern college’s large instructional resources.

Regardless of the subject, you’ll respect the convenience of asynchronous getting to know in an attractive digital environment.

PSU-World’s approved online graduate applications provide publications that might be generally 12-15 weeks in length.

Great Basin College



Graduation Rate: 23%
Retention Rate: 62%
Acceptance Rate: 100%
Median Earnings: $36,240

Situated in  Elko, Nevada with a long history of serving the needs of the local community and economy the Great Basin College is a small community college. It offers associate’s and bachelor’s degrees in a variety of subjects.

Great Basin College is accredited by the prestigious Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities. This state-funded public school is part of the Nevada System of Higher Education, which serves approximately 4,000 students. GBC offers an acceptance rate of
to 100.

Great Basin offers dozens of undergraduate and associate degree programs for both in-class and online students.

GBC currently has around 4,000 students who enroll online annually in a variety of programs, which also include Associate’s degrees in Arts, Business, English, Social Sciences, Graphic Communication, Early Childhood Education, and Applied Sciences as well as Bachelor’s degrees in English, Social Sciences and Nursing (RN to BSN) and BAS degrees with a concentration in Information Technology, Digital Information, Human Services, focus on surveying/geomatics and management and supervision. This school offers 19 full online certificate programs and continuing education programs in the fields of healthcare and computer technology. Popular majors include Business, Early Childhood Education, Elementary Education, Nursing, Humanities, and Humanities.




Graduation Rate: 67%
Retention Rate: 72%
Acceptance Rate: 97%
Median Earnings: $49,281

Brigham Young University-Idaho is located in Rexburg, Idaho. Owned and operated by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, this nonprofit university educates more than 49,000 students on multiple campuses around the world. More than 15,000 students are enrolled in online courses through BYU – Pathway Worldwide. Online degree programs are offered at BYU-Idaho and Ensign College. BYU-Idaho was recently named the 16th best college in the Regional Colleges West by the U., 23rd in the Top
Performers on Social Mobility, and 75th in the Best Undergraduate Engineering Programs.

p. News & World Report and #6 in Most Conservative Colleges in America by

BYU-Idaho’s WorldWide Pathway offers nearly 52 online degrees and certificates. 7 associate degrees, 6 bachelor’s degrees, and 39 certificate programs at a very affordable price. Some popular online programs include a bachelor’s degree in business administration (entrepreneurship. Marketing, supply chain and operations management, and more), public health, and marriage and family studies, and an Associate’s in family history research, web design and development, and a variety of other online class offerings.

Popular majors at BYU-I include liberal arts, nursing, data science, business, and public health education.

PathwayConnect students can apply for admission to BYU-I online degree programs from BYU- qualify. Idaho by successfully earning a “B” average at PathwayConnect and completing the first course of the chosen BYU Idaho certificate.

Thomas Edison State University



Graduation Rate: 48%
Retention Rate: N/A
Acceptance Rate: 100%
Median Earnings: $54,816

Thomas Edison State University is a public, federally funded college that educates more than 17,200 students online and on campus. In 2011 Thomas Edison won the National University Technology Distance Education Innovation Award. This school offers an acceptance rate of 100 missions and 64 online undergraduate and graduate degrees in various fields of study including liberal arts and humanities, accounting, health support, nursing and business administration, and management to name a few. Some popular programs at Thomas Edison State University include Associate of Nuclear Engineering Technology, Bachelor of Homeland Security, Master of Hospitality Management, and Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP).

TESU offers 13 online associate degree programs, 34 online undergraduate programs, 17 online graduate programs, and several online undergraduate and graduate programs.

This cheap online university is MSCHE accredited. TESU has an open admissions policy. TESU is regionally accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education.

Oklahoma State University

Average graduate cost (in-state): $5436

Oklahoma State University is proud to be “America’s Brightest Orange”. While many schools support diversity, few schools encourage it as actively as OSU. OSU has shown its support for DACA students and lobbied politicians to persuade Congress to reach an equitable resolution on this highly controversial issue. Regardless of where you are on the political ladder, OSU’s willingness to risk its reputation as putting the needs and opinions of its students first is commendable.

The online OSU programs are designed for students who need flexible and practical title options.

OSU offers more than 36 different online master’s degrees including MBA, MS in Reading and Literacy, MS in Dietetics, MS in Forensic Science, MS in Health Administration, and more. Ultimately, OSU enables students to skip their careers without falling behind financially while receiving a quality education.

 American Public University System

American Public University is a private, for-profit online college located in Charles Town, West Virginia, with six academic schools. The American Public University is accredited by the Higher Education Commission (HLC) and has received the Sloan Consortium Effective Practice Award. According to, with more than 98,400 students enrolled, 76% of his alumni reported their career improved after earning their degree at APU, and 69% of students chose this school elsewhere. said he would recommend it to anyone. ranked the school 29th Best College for Information Technology in America, 55th Best Online College in America, and 1st Best Value College in West Virginia.

American public universities offer over 190 affordable graduate and undergraduate degrees and certificate programs online, including military history, reverse logistics management, space studies, electrical engineering, business administration, criminal justice, health sciences, sports management, and more. provided by APU adopts a free admission system, and the retention rate of new students is 93%.

Nova Southeastern University

When it comes to graduate school size, Nova Southeastern University is the winner. We offer over 50 approved online master’s degrees, but that’s only half of the total number of graduate programs offered (on campus and online).

Even better, NSU is a member of the Southern Regional Board of Education’s Electronic Campus Project, which independently approves programs based on principles of good practice.

About 69% of the university’s online postgraduate degrees have already been approved by the SREB, and this number is expected to increase in the future.

To complement its affordable online master’s program, NSU offers evening and weekend classes at several regional Florida campuses.

Indiana Wesleyan University

There are a few downsides to attending Indiana Wesleyan University’s online graduate program. IWU offers all the convenience and flexibility you need, including low tuition fees, credits for prior studies, and evening and weekend programs.

Additionally, all of its online programs are supported by traditional, nearly century-old institutions that place a strong emphasis on education.

There are about 30 of these graduate programs, ranging from accounting to social work. In addition, IWU’s Wesley Seminary offers a limited number of Christian-focused online degrees, including a master’s degree in theology and a master’s degree in arts from the Ministry of Children, Youth, and Families. Indiana Wesleyan University is an excellent source for the best online master’s degrees for Christian students who want to focus their careers on their faith.

University of the Cumberland

Founded in Williamsburg, Kentucky, Cumberland College has provided affordable, quality education for over 120 years. The university offers master’s degree programs in eight majors: Business, Counseling, Criminal Justice, Education, Executive/International, Health Sciences, Information Technology, and Ministry.

The average net cost of a master’s degree is $315 per credit hour. Still, if affordable online master’s programs don’t seem like a strong point for the university, don’t worry. There are no residency requirements and the university’s financial planning department works with students to help them reach their educational goals at an affordable cost. The average net cost of a master’s degree is $315 per credit hour. Cumberland University is accredited by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.

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