University of Aberdeen Scholarships application requirements and procedures

You will find information on University of Aberdeen Scholarships application requirements and procedures in this article. You will also find more information About University of Aberdeen.

About University of Aberdeen

The University of Aberdeen is the third-oldest university in Scotland and the fifth-oldest in the English-speaking world. According to The Times and The Sunday Times, Aberdeen is consistently among the top 160 universities in the world.

Three now primarily ceremonial colleges make up the university: King’s College, Marischal College, and Christ’s College. King’s College and Marischal College, a second institution founded in 1593 as a Protestant rival to the first, combined to become the university known today in 1860. Particularly Marischal College in the city center and the crown spire of King’s College in Old Aberdeen, the university’s prominent buildings serve as icons for all of Aberdeen. There are two campuses; the King’s College campus, more heavily used of the two, dominates Old Aberdeen, a neighborhood two miles north of the city center.

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More information About University of Aberdeen

Despite being the original location of the university’s founding, the majority of its academic buildings, with the exception of the King’s College Chapel and Quadrangle, were built in the 20th century, at a time of great growth. The schools of dentistry and medicine are both located on the university’s Foresterhill campus, which is close to Aberdeen Royal Infirmary. It also includes the school of medical sciences. These structures come together to create one of Europe’s largest health campuses. With an expenditure of £228.6 million, the institution’s yearly income for 2020–21 was £235.9 million, of which £45.9 million came from grants and contracts for research.

As of 2019–20, Aberdeen is home to 15,185 students, many of whom are from other countries, ranging from undergraduate to PhD levels. The institution offers 650 undergraduate degree programs, teaching a wide variety of areas during the 2012–13 academic year. Numerous well-known alumni from Aberdeen have graduated, and the university was a major force in the Scottish Reformation, Scottish Enlightenment, and Scottish Renaissance. Since then, the university has been linked to five Nobel laureates: two in Chemistry, one each in Physiology or Medicine, Physics, and Peace.

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Academic Terms at University of Aberdeen

The Scottish Term and Quarter Days, which began with Martinmas (October–November), Candlemas (January–March), and Whitsunday, served as the basis for the first academic year at Aberdeen (April – June). The academic year is now split into two semesters, the First Half-Session and the Second-Half Session, with the First Half-Session starting in September and the Second-Half Session finishing in May. Written tests are taken in November, April, and May, and graduates are honored either in November or at the conclusion of June.

Scholarships available in Aberdeen

The University of Aberdeen and the International Study Centre assist exceptional students on their journey because of their long tradition of academic success.

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Aberdeen, England, in the United Kingdom, is home to the University of Aberdeen, a public research university. Over 15,000 students from 120 different nations attend the University of Aberdeen, the fifth-oldest university in the United Kingdom. The University of Aberdeen in Aberdeen, Scotland, offers a variety of financed overseas scholarships.

The University of Aberdeen is recognized as one of the top 30 universities in the United Kingdom and among the top 300 universities in the world.

The university is located in Aberdeen, the second-most cheap city in the UK, at the same time. As a result, it is a preferred location for students to study.

University of Aberdeen Scholarships application requirements and procedures

The University of Aberdeen invites you to join their exceptional academic community and supports you by providing a variety of scholarships. The University of Aberdeen is often one of the UK’s universities with the most generous scholarship and grant policies.

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The scholarship program for international students that pays all of their tuition for one academic year


Simply meet the requirements listed below to be eligible for international undergraduate scholarships:

1. You must first be an international student planning to enroll in Aberdeen starting in September 2019. The second requirement is that you must be starting undergraduate study in a field other than medicine or dentistry.

2. You must be proficient in English and adhere to all course requirements.

3. You must be an international student who is paying fees. Additionally, you are not permitted to have any previous scholarships or assistance.

4. Additionally, you must have the financial means to pay for your living and educational expenses while in the UK.

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Applying procedure

You won’t need to do anything to apply for this scholarship because you’ll be contacted once your college application has been submitted. If you are chosen for the scholarship program, a notification letter including your letter of offer will be sent to you.

Scholarships for academic achievement

Academic grants are available from the university to students who achieve in their pathway program. We hope that these scholarships will motivate you to succeed in your coursework and future profession, in addition to the University’s outstanding facilities and award-winning research.

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Students on the undergraduate pathway

Students who complete their undergraduate pathway program with a grade of B (equal to at least 68%) are eligible for progression scholarships from the University of Aberdeen. Following your transition to the University, this scholarship will be available for up to £2,500 per year of your undergraduate degree.

Self-funded students at the International Study Centre can apply for the scholarship for any undergraduate track, with the exception of those leading to the MBChB medical degree. More information about our fees is available here.

Students on the postgraduate pathway

A scholarship to the University is also available to postgraduate students who complete their selected pathway program with a grade of at least 68%. Students who progress from the International Study Centre are eligible for a scholarship worth up to £2,000.

Self-funded students enrolled in any postgraduate track program at the International Study Centre are eligible for this scholarship. Find out more about our tuition costs here.

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More information 

The University of Aberdeen prohibits scholarship recipients from combining their scholarships. Successful candidates will get the scholarship with the highest value as their overall prize.

Students in the undergraduate Foundation Programme in Life Sciences – Pathway to Medicine who transfer to a Life Sciences BSc degree after not receiving an offer to the MBChB remain ineligible for the merit award and any nation-specific scholarships.

The University of Aberdeen’s student life

The institution had 15,185 undergraduate and 5,060 graduate students as of 2019–20. 120 nations, represented by students in 2009–10, with roughly 46% males and 54% women. 19% of all undergraduates aged 25 years or more). The university offers more than 120 taught postgraduate programs in addition to more than 550 distinct undergraduate degree programs.

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The Students’ Union

Aberdeen University Students’ Association, a student organization, represents the student body (AUSA). Additionally, the University of Aberdeen’s elected rector represents students on the University Court together with the rector’s assessor and the president of AUSA.

AUSA doesn’t run a traditional students’ union; instead, it works out of the Johnston building at the university, where it supports students by hosting events and offering study spaces. The beautiful granite structure on the intersection of Gallowgate and Upperkirkgate in the heart of the city, directly across from Marischal College, once housed a sizable students’ union, but it became demolished in 2003. A few years later, a second, smaller union became established at Littlejohn Street nearby; however, by 2010, it had also collapsed.

The Central Refectory at King’s College became extensively renovated to create “The Hub,” a university-owned eating and social center, with the help of the organization. It opened in 2006 and offers amenities for the entire university community, including students and faculty. The Butchart Student Center, a more conventional gathering place, debuted in 2009. Although it serves as the Students’ Association’s headquarters and offers a wide range of student amenities, there isn’t a bar there because of municipal council licensing requirements. The Butchart Centre’s amenities include a sizable cafe, a used book store, spaces for student organizations, and offices. Before the neighboring Aberdeen Sports Village opened, the previous campus sports center space became repurposed to become the Butchart Center. The Johnston Building is where AUSA is based.

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Does University of Aberdeen provide scholarships?

You might be able to manage your fees with the aid of the entry scholarships offered by the University of Aberdeen.

Does the University of Aberdeen award scholarships to students from other countries?

The Aberdeen Global Scholarship is a wonderful opportunity provided by the University of Aberdeen for self-funded overseas taught Masters students.

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How can I acquire a scholarship for University of Aberdeen?

Students who complete their undergraduate pathway program with a grade of B (equal to at least 68%) are eligible for progression scholarships from the University of Aberdeen. Following your transition to the University, this scholarship will be available for up to £2,500 per year of your undergraduate degree.

Is Aberdeen affordable for foreign students?

It is advised to set aside at least 13,000 GBP year to cover Aberdeen Universities’ tuition costs. International students, who would be obliged to pay more than local students, will particularly be affected by this.

What does Aberdeen excel at?

You may be familiar with Aberdeen because of its granite, earning it the nicknames “The Silver City” and “The Granite City,” or you may know Aberdeen as the oil capital of Europe. These things are true, however Aberdeen also has a ton of culture and some incredible locations to see and explore.

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You will find information on University of Aberdeen Scholarships application requirements and procedures in this article. You will also find more information About University of Aberdeen, University of Aberdeen Scholarships application requirements and procedures

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