Walmart MoneyCard / How to open Walmart MoneyCard Account

This article on Walmart MoneyCard / how to open Walmart MoneyCard account is aimed at enlightening you on this unique card. Indeed, this article educates you on how to purchase the card and also the benefits of the card. In addition, you will be informed on procedures for registering the MoneyCard.

About Walmart MoneyCard

Overdraft fees are ultimately avoided with this debit card as it does not have the prerequisite of a credit check or bank account. Indeed, it serves as an ideal choice or fit for all who don’t like the idea of traditional bank accounts. In addition, the Walmart MoneyCard would be useful in any Walmart store as well as others that regard Visa or MasterCard.

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Methods for Loading the Walmart MoneyCard

There are four vital methods through which money can be loaded to Walmart MoneyCard. These various methods will be discussed below for more clarification.

By Direct Deposit

With the aid of direct deposit, you can load your benefits or payroll checks into Walmart MoneyCard. Note that the decision of how much you wish to load is totally up to you and the service requires no payment at all. In order for Walmart to transfer the funds early though, it’s recommended that a notification of direct deposit be given two days prior to the day of deposit.

The Walmart Rapid Reload

Unlike the first which is free, this one requires a $3 fee for you to load money at any Walmart location. Therefore, you can tap on the Deposit option and choose “Deposit Cash using Walmart MoneyCard App” as they are free at Walmart stores.

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Through Online Transfer

For those who wish to make an online transfer, this is accessible. Though it has no reloading fee, it actually takes up one to three business days. However, fees may arise from your bank due to the electronic transfer despite the no reloading fee factor.

Tax Refund

You can choose to directly deposit as no reloading fees applies, if your income taxes are usually filed electronically. In order to do this, your card number and phone line should be sent to Walmart. Then, the information required of you to be filled in your tax forms for a direct-deposit information will be texted to you. Although the processing time of the IRS will apply, you can receive a quicker refund by e-filing than by mail.

Benefits of Walmart MoneyCard

A plethora of benefits enjoyed by Visa and MasterCard debit cards are also provided by MoneyCard. First of all, it offers protection from fraud and also includes a bill-paying service online that is free. In addition, you can get paper checks, send in money orders, and even place recurring monthly payments. Friends and family also receive benefits from these cards as they offer the ground to send funds to them wherever in U.S. Though there is a limit of $75 a year on the cash-back rewards, you are still offered the opportunity to shop at Walmart and get cash-back rewards.

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About the Walmart MoneyCard Fees

You can walk into any Walmart store and buy the Walmart MoneyCard for just a token of $1. Though the card comes with a monthly service fee of $5.94, those who have direct deposits up to $500 or more in the past month have it waived for them. Note that withdrawals at Walmart stores tend to be free while a cost of $2.50 is associated with their ATM and teller cash withdrawals. Furthermore, reloading into the MoneyCard costs $5.95 at reload points while it costs just $3 at any Walmart store. In addition, there is a $3 fee charged for replacement of card and you have to pay $15 if you want delivery.

How to Purchase a Walmart MoneyCard

The process of getting a Walmart MoneyCard is quite a very simple one. In short, your card will be available in two weeks if you order online with the Walmart MoneyCard website. In order to get it faster, you can just walk into any Walmart store and purchase one. However, there is an age requirement of 18 or older attached to getting a Walmart MoneyCard. Furthermore, you will need to deposit money into it before using can take place. A valid Social Security is a prerequisite for the opening of an account. Moreover, there are other requirements for accessing the account qualities and they include an email or mobile verification and mobile app.

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Procedure for Registering Walmart MoneyCard

First and foremost, you have to login into your account. The next step should be to click on the “Register New Card” tab. Once this is done, go ahead and input your card number. In order to finish the process, you will find at the back of the card a three-digit security code which you will input. Note that these processes do not hinder you from contacting the customer service if you experience any difficulties registering. All you have to do is reach out to them with your difficulties and be specific about the help you need.

Activating your Walmart MoneyCard

Indeed, there is activation needed for your newly purchased Walmart MoneyCard. Once activated, it can serve a lot of purposes and can be reloaded at will. There are certain steps to take to aid the activation of your Walmart MoneyCard. You will have to navigate to the activation page and click it open. Then, input required details such as the card pin, card number, and so many others. Finally, contact Walmart so as to inform them and allow them activate your Walmart MoneyCard.

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How to know the routing and account numbers for Walmart MoneyCard

In short, this question is on the lips of many customers and the step to discovering is quite easy. As long as you have registered your account, just text “DD” to 37267 and you will get your routing and account number. In addition, you can also take the process of logging into your online account or the app. Lastly, you can reach out to the customer service by contacting 1-877-937-4098.

Does a Walmart MoneyCard have an Account Balance Limit?

Indeed, these cards have an account balance limit just like other debit cards. While most competitors don’t exceed a balance of $3,000, Walmart MoneyCard has a maximum balance of $7,500.

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Is it possible to have money put into a Walmart MoneyCard by someone else?

Sure. With the aid of your routing and account number, someone can transfer money into your Walmart MoneyCard from their bank. However, this is not the only step as they can deposit cash into your account by buying a MoneyPak at any Walmart stores or other retailers.

Can checks be deposited to Walmart MoneyCard?

Indeed, with the aid of the mobile Walmart MoneyCard app on your device. First of all, ascertain for sure that the check is for you and on the back, sign your name. After signing, write “For Mobile Deposit Only” at the back as well. However, there are certain prerequisites for the smooth use of this feature. One being that there must be a display of good standing in your account. Furthermore, there must be at least a point-of-sale transaction in the previous month and four direct deposits in the past two months.

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Does single direct deposits to Walmart MoneyCard have limit?

Indeed, it does. It is quite known that the total account balance limit is $7,500 but this does not amount the same for single direct deposits. Therefore, the maximum limit of $3,000 is associated with single direct deposits.

Is there an overdraft protection for Walmart MoneyCard?

Sure, there is if you choose to join in as it is optional. The amount of deposits gotten by you determines the amount of overdraft coverage. With each single direct deposit that you get in your account, you earn a $10 of overdraft coverage. If within a 35-day gap, you get two direct deposits summing up to $200+, an overdraft coverage of $100 is awarded you. So it goes on that when you get deposits summing up to $400+, you are rewarded with $200 overdraft coverage.

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Indeed, it can be seen that Walmart MoneyCard is very beneficial and especially enjoyed by Walmart regular customers. Though it operates with stringent fees and limits, it offers quicker access than other competitors. So hoping that this article has enlightened you on Walmart MoneyCard, make the right choice today.

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