15 Fun and Cool Tricks to Teach your Dog

Teaching your dog basic commands is an essential part of training. It starts as soon as your new pet comes home, building a strong connection between you and your dog. Through training, your dog becomes familiar with your instructions and learns to trust your guidance. Establishing a close bond with clear rules creates a secure environment for your dog. In this post, you will find 15 Fun and Cool Tricks to Teach your Dog. Teaching your dogs tricks like Jump, Stay, Give a Kiss, High Five, improves them mentally.


You don’t have to be a professional dog trainer to teach your puppy or grown-up dog fun and helpful tricks. Even if you’re a new dog owner, you can easily start training your dog with these 15 impressive and adorable tricks.

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This trick is super easy and widely recognized for dogs. Despite its simplicity, it’s a crucial command! Teaching your dog to sit on command is useful for various everyday situations, like waiting at crosswalks.

Hold a treat above your dog’s head, and lift your hand slowly. Your dog will track the treat with their nose and sit down automatically. Reward this with a treat. As you go on, introduce a hand signal and a verbal cue, gradually increasing the distractions for your dog to sit amidst.

Give a Kiss

Teaching a dog to give kisses is a simple trick. Even though not everyone likes slobbery dog kisses, kids usually love it. Just place a treat on your cheek, give the command, and soon your dog will happily shower you with affection whenever you want!

Another good thing about this trick is that it can help control excessive licking from your dog.

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Lying Down

This trick is super simple and comes in handy every day. Start by having your dog sit. Then, move a treat down in front of his nose, or you can angle it slightly towards him instead of straight down. He’ll follow the treat and end up lying down.

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Once his belly and chest touch the ground, use your verbal cue, and he gets his treat. With practice, use your flat hand without the treat to signal him to lie down. This helps establish the hand signal over time.

Shake Paws

Teach your dog to shake hands (or paws) with your friends. It’s a simple trick that you can usually teach your dog in just a few short training sessions. Since many dogs already like using their paws, they’ll enjoy the positive attention they get when they do this trick.

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Teaching your dog to wave hello or goodbye is a fun and quite easy trick. Start by teaching your dog how to shake paws. You’ll also use the same paw movement to train them to lift their paw for a wave. It’s a cute trick that grabs attention and is enjoyable to watch.


“Stay” is another basic command that teaches your dog to remain in a place until you give permission to move. This is helpful, for instance, when you want to open the front door without your dog rushing out. To practice, have your dog sit and also extend your hand in front of them, like a stop sign. Then, say, “Stay.”

Start with short sessions and gradually increase the time, distance, and add distractions. Your dog gets a reward only if they stay put.

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High Five

This trick seems easygoing and sets the foundation for waving. Begin by demonstrating to your furry friend that it’s all about giving a paw. Gradually lift your hand a bit at a time. Once it reaches the height of their collar, start raising your hand even higher.

Keep using the word “paw” as your signal. When your hand is pointing straight up, introduce the new cue “high-five” as your dog touches your hand with their paw.


You can make your dog spin easily by holding a treat close to their nose. To make this dog trick more interesting, you can teach your dog to spin in a particular direction. Your friends will be amazed when you demonstrate how your dog can distinguish between left and right.

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Roll Over

Many people break down the training of a dog rolling over into small steps, gradually working up to the full roll. Teaching this trick might take some effort, but the fun and benefits are totally worth it. Plus, it sets the stage for other tricks like playing dead. This is an interesting the list of 15 Fun and Cool Tricks to Teach your Dog.

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“Stop” is another really helpful command for training your dog. With this, your dog learns to halt when you tell them to, making your walks safer. Start practicing this trick on a leash. Say “Stop” loudly and stay still. When your dog stops, give them a reward. It’s also crucial to use the stop command when you want your pet to resume moving.

If your dog stops willingly with your command, try increasing the distance with the help of a leash. Repeat the “Stop” command and stand still. If your dog follows, reward them again. Gradually, extend the time you use the “Stop” command without stopping yourself.


To prevent injury and joint damage, wait until your dog is at least one year old before teaching this trick. Use a treat or toy, along with your body language, to encourage your dog to jump. Say “hop” or “jump” as the command. Not all dogs enjoy jumping, so be patient.

Practice until your dog only needs the command and a hand movement to jump. Then, you can stop using the toy or treat. Right after each jump, reward your dog with a treat and verbal praise.

Play Dead

Your friends will be amazed when you point your finger like a gun, say “bang,” and your dog pretends to play dead by lying on the floor. Despite how cool it looks, teaching a dog to play dead isn’t too difficult, especially if you’ve already trained them to roll over.

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Bow Down

Teaching your dog to take a bow involves getting them to put their chest on the ground while keeping their rear end up. It might sound like a tough trick, but bowing is something dogs naturally do.

When dogs play, they often bow as a way of inviting others to join in. Trainers call this a play bow. You can use your dog’s playful nature to teach them to take a bow. It’s also a cool way to finish showcasing all the new tricks your dog has learned!

15 Fun and Cool Tricks to Teach your Dog

Stick Tongue out

Imagine your furry friend sticking out its tongue on command – it’s sure to get some priceless reactions! Start by letting your pet lick an almost empty yogurt cup for a brief moment. When you take the cup away, your pet will lick its lips. Use a clicker and give them a treat. Keep rewarding each lick after you hide the cup behind your back for a while.

Now, introduce a hand signal or a word like “Tongue.” Every time your dog sticks out its tongue, click and reward. Gradually, focus more on the cue and use fewer prompts. Practice a lot to make this trick strong and fun!

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Many dogs enjoy playing fetch, but your dog may not know how to do it without some training. Using simple methods, you can teach your dog to fetch, so they’ll bring something back to you, whether it’s an item in the room or a ball you threw in the backyard.


We can teach our lovely pets many great commands. Some are easy, while others may take a bit more time. Some tricks are helpful in daily life, while others are just for fun. In the end, teaching your dog some tricks in this post “15 Fun and Cool Tricks to Teach your Dog” is never a bad idea.

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