5 Best Nail Scratch Pad for Dogs

Have you been looking for a way to ensure that your dog’s nails stay trimmed? Dog Scratch Pads can help you maintain that trimmed look you want for your dog. In this post, we listed the 5 Best Nail Scratch Pad for Dogs. We highlighted the Best Overall Scratchpad, Best Splurge Scratchpad, Best Budget Scratchpad and Best Paw Balm Scratchpad.

If your dog strongly dislikes getting their nails trimmed, you can use a scratch board as a gentler alternative. These boards have rough surfaces, like sandpaper, and you teach your dog to scratch on it to file their own nails. Many dogs find the noise or feeling of nail clippers or a dremel scary, especially if they had a bad experience before. A scratch pad is a good choice for dogs that are afraid of clippers or dremels, or simply don’t like their feet being handled. We shall now look at out top picks.

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5 Best Nail Scratch Pad for Dogs

If you are ready to get rid of clippers while still keeping your dog’s nails trimmed, these are our recommended picks.

Best Overall Scratchpad: ScratchPad Dog Nail File

Dogs can learn to tap and scratch the bright purple ScratchPad Dog Nail File board. You can hold it at an angle or lean it against something sturdy while rewarding your pup for touching and scratching it. This board is a good length, making it easier for a dog to scratch effectively. It’s also sturdy and well-made, with sandpaper that doesn’t easily come off.

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The file is recommended by Fear Free, an initiative focused on reducing fear, anxiety, and stress in pets. It comes in medium or coarse grit, or a combination of both. You can choose a board with sandpaper only on the front, or on both sides, with or without a refill.

There’s no treat compartment, so you need to teach your dog to scratch in exchange for praise, a toy, or a treat that you hold at the top of the board.

Best Splurge Scratchpad: Digger Dog Nail File

The Digger Dog nail file has imitations, but this is the original version from Australia. It comes with a small treat drawer to assist with training. Just show your dog a treat, place it in the drawer, and a pup motivated by food or games will likely start pawing at the board to get the prize.

The surface is made of durable stainless steel abrasive plates, which last longer than sandpaper. When they eventually wear out, you can order replacements from the company.

There are easy-to-follow training videos to teach your dog. Also, most reviews praise how quickly dogs learn and how well it works. Keep in mind that this file is pricier than many others on the market.

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Best Budget Scratchpad: The PallyPad Scratch Square for Dogs

The Pally Pad Scratch Square is a wooden board with a drawer for treats, encouraging your dog to find and enjoy the hidden snacks. The drawer is quite deep, allowing space for some substantial treats. This scratch pad is meant to be placed on the ground, benefiting both front and back nails. It includes non-slip adhesive pads to prevent the board from sliding when your dog is enthusiastically scratching.

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It’s more affordable than many alternatives and comes with a replacement sandpaper pad. If your dog quickly learns to scratch for rewards, you can use the new pad on the back if you prefer not to use the treat drawer.

Best Toy Scratchpad: De’ Vora Scratch Square Dog Nail Trimmer & File

The De’ Vora Scratch Square is like a mix of a nail file and a toy. You can put treats inside it and throw it to your pet. While they play with it to get the snacks, they also scratch their nails on the sandpaper surface. It’s not as structured as bigger scratch pads made just for scratching, but it can do the job.

The square comes in four sizes, and you choose the one that fits your pet’s weight. Some dogs enjoy playing with the file, tossing it around, and tugging it. However, some pet owners mention that their pups might get frustrated if the treats don’t fall out easily, and they might start chewing on the handles. Users suggest going for a larger size because the smaller ones don’t provide enough surface for your dog to scratch effectively.

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Best Paw Balm Scratchpad: Natural Dog Company Paw Soother Stick

If your dog scratches a lot and their paw pads get irritated, the Natural Dog Company Paw Soother could be helpful. It comes in a stick or a tin and helps keep paws moisturized and soothes irritation. It’s made with natural ingredients like coconut and jojoba oils, as well as cocoa and mango butters.

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Since the ingredients are natural, it’s safe for your dog to lick. However, it takes a bit of time to soak in, so you might want to distract your pet with a treat, toy, or cuddles to let it dry and be absorbed. The stick dispenser makes it easy to apply and is convenient to carry in your backpack or pocket.

5 Best Nail Scratch Pad for Dogs


Dog scratchers are special pads made for dogs to file their own nails. They help avoid the stress or anxiety that can come with nail clipping, dremeling, or going to the groomer. Get one of these 5 Best Nail Scratch Pad for Dogs today! You won’t regret it. Let us know in the comments if this was helpful.

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