10 Most Clever Cat Breeds

Cats are widely loved as pets, but not all of them are equally smart. Some cats are more intelligent than others, to the point where they’ve been compared to dogs in terms of their smarts. If you are looking to get a clever cat as a pet, then you should read through this post. We compiled a list of the 10 Most Clever Cat Breeds. We also discussed breeds like the Abyssinian, Bengal, Savannah and Korat.

Cats with active minds and bodies do well with a companion to avoid getting bored and mischievous when alone. They also crave a lot of attention. While you might think the smartest cats are the ones that can open doors or use the toilet, there are actually other factors involved.

The most intelligent cat breeds are those that can adapt to their surroundings and quickly learn new things. Some are famous for their cleverness and learning abilities, demonstrating higher intelligence compared to other domesticated animals.

Below are the 10 Most Clever Cat Breeds for witty cat lovers;

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This stylish cat is fit, nimble, and loves people. Abyssinians are smart and pay close attention to what their family is up to. They like being up high, watching everything from above. Among different cat breeds, they’re quick learners and can do tricks, especially enjoying agility courses. While they don’t prefer sitting in laps, they do enjoy being petted or brushed. They also get along well with other animals and can adjust to different living situations easily.


Sphynx cats are the most well-known type of hairless cat. Many cat owners find the unique look of these cats charming, even though it might not be considered conventionally beautiful.

These cats first appeared in 1966 in Toronto, Canada, when a kitten was born without fur due to a natural change. Sphynx cats enjoy attention and love cuddling with their owners to stay warm. People who have them describe them as affectionate, curious, and amusing.

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However, Sphynx cats are social and may not do well alone during the day. They can be a bit clingy, insisting on napping on your lap at inconvenient times. These domestic cats are also quite active and need mental stimulation, like play toys and puzzles, to stay happy.

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The Balinese cat is smart and famous for being really loyal to its owners. They are full of energy but don’t like being by themselves for a long time because they prefer playing with their owners or other pets. Families searching for a cat that’s good with kids and can be trained might like this breed. Balinese cats usually live longer than many other breeds, with an average lifespan of 12 to 15 years.


The Bengal cat is famous for its special coat that looks like a jaguar or leopard. It came from mixing a regular cat with an Asian leopard cat. Bengals are really smart, sporty, and still have a bit of a wild side. They enjoy running, jumping, climbing, and playing. To keep them happy, they need lots of space for exercise, especially upward space, and mental challenges like puzzle games and toys. Their clever paws can almost do things like hands can, such as turning lights on and off, grabbing fish from aquariums, and pulling out small items from drawers.

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The Burmese cat possesses a round face, expressive gold eyes, and wide ears, making it a distinctive house cat. It’s a medium-sized cat with a compact body, and it usually weighs around 14 pounds. The Burmese has a short coat that can be sable, champagne, platinum, or blue. These cats are popular in the United States because they’re not just smart, but also very affectionate toward their owners. They’re quick learners and enjoy being around people.

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Havana Brown

The Havana Brown is a lovely cat with a smooth, chocolate-colored fur. It’s not very common and comes from mixing the Siamese with other cat breeds. These cats are usually smart, curious, and like to talk, enjoying time with their families. They have a moderate amount of energy and prefer toys like teasers and puzzles to keep them mentally and physically active.

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Siamese cats come from Thailand (used to be called Siam) and are among the oldest cat breeds. Royals and monks loved them for a long time. These cats look good with blue eyes and a light coat with dark patches on the ears, face, tail, and legs.

Siamese cats can be noisy and mischievous if not given enough attention. If you listen to the comedy podcast My Favorite Murder, you might recognize the loud meow of a Siamese cat at the end of each episode.


The Savannah Cat looks like a tiger, and it gets its big size and strong personality from its wild African cat ancestors.

Even though it has a wild appearance, the Savannah is a pet cat that loves adventure, is friendly, and has a fit body. These cats with stripes are great at climbing and like sitting up high, sometimes accidentally knocking things over.

Because of their agility, smarts, and high energy, having a Savannah Cat means your life will be full of excitement.

However, in some places, having a Savannah as a pet is not allowed because some people think they can be too risky, especially the first generations. Most Savannah cats do well with an outdoor space so they can use up some of their endless energy.

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If you cross a Burmese cat with a Siamese, you get a Tonkinese! These cats love sitting on laps and will ask for your attention. They like being with people, are clever and social, and enjoy chatting and playing games such as fetch, tag, and hide-and-seek. In a surprising twist, the biggest recorded litter of cats was a group of 19 Tonkinese cats, way more than the usual five.


The Korat, named after a place in Thailand, is a rare cat breed considered lucky in its home country. These cats are smart and pay close attention to what’s happening around them. They have a medium level of energy, enjoying games where you interact with them, but they also love to take naps. Korats can learn tricks like playing fetch and walking on a leash. If you reward them with praise or treats, they quickly understand the rules of the house. They really like their toys and might be a bit stubborn about sharing, but having lots of toys can solve that issue. These cats thrive on attention and are usually very affectionate with their families.

10 Most Clever Cat Breeds


Lots of folks think that dogs are the smartest pets, but cats have their own cleverness. Cats don’t really care to do tricks when they can relax at home and have people adore them. Even though there aren’t IQ tests for cats, experts say they’re about as smart as a two or three-year-old child. We hope our list of the 10 Most Clever Cat Breeds was helpful to you.

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