Top 10 Best Cat Beds for Purr-fect Comfort

Everyone needs a cozy spot to rest and relax, and that goes for your cats too. But it can be tough to find the perfect bed for your cat with so many options out there. Should you go for a flat pillow, a small box, a tall tower, or a simple perch? These questions will be answered in our list of the Top 10 Best Cat Beds for Purr-fect Comfort. We also highlighted the Best overall Cat Bed, Best Budget-friendly, Best Cooling Cat Bed and Best Orthopedic Cat Bed.

Our pets can be a bit stubborn. Even though we buy them fun toys and tasty treats to make them happy, they often end up ignored or buried in the backyard. Cats have a knack for doing the opposite of what we tell them – saying no when we say yes and vice versa. But, despite their quirks, we still love them.

Because cats can be choosy, it can be tricky to find things they like. That’s why it’s important to pay attention to how your kitten likes to nest, burrow, and sleep. This way, you can make sure to get them a comfy bed that suits their unique preferences. We have put together a list of the Top 10 Best Cat Beds to help you decide.

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Top 10 Best Cat Beds for Purr-fect Comfort

Here are our favorite cat beds for all types of cats, whether they love snuggling, stretching out, burrowing, or just lounging around. The Top 10 Best Cat Beds for Purr-fect Comfort are:

Best Overall Cat Bed: Mau Woven Cat Bed

Mau Pets creates a variety of cat trees, perches, and stylish cat accessories. One of their notable products is the Vevo. It is a practical and visually appealing cat bed made from a velvety single-weave material, resembling a large plush basket. Each Vevo is handmade, making each bed unique, and it’s spacious enough for larger cats.

The soft weave of the Vevo not only adds to its aesthetic charm but also serves a practical purpose. The basket sides can be folded, rolled, or adjusted, allowing you to create a custom look. You can raise the sides for cats that like enclosed spaces or roll down one side for older cats to easily climb in. The woven texture of the surface creates bumps that cats enjoy rubbing against.

While the Vevo can be used as a standalone cat bed, Mau also offers a separate cushion in ten different colors, which is machine washable. Cleaning the Vevo itself can be a bit challenging. It is technically machine washable on delicate settings, however air drying is recommended due to the weave’s longer drying time. Regular maintenance can be done using a vacuum and lint roller, unless the bed is heavily soiled.

Mau provides a 45-day risk-free trial for the Vevo, along with a one-year warranty. Additionally, for every Vevo purchased, Mau pledges to plant a tree and donates five percent of profits to environmental and animal causes. The Mau Vevo Woven Cat Bed is available in Taupe and Dim Gray colors.

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Best Budget-friendly Cat Bed: Frisco Foldable Canopy Cat Bed

The Frisco Foldable Canopy Cat Bed is a fantastic choice for both fun and comfort, and it won’t break the bank. Unlike typical pet beds that just sit on the floor, this one comes with a pop-up canopy to give your cat some privacy, making their sleeping spot more snug and cozy.

A cool feature is a small toy hanging from the canopy’s top that our cats loved. They enjoyed lying on their backs and batting at it for entertainment. However, some cats thought the entire bed was a toy and played with it by tossing it around and pulling out the pillow.

This cat canopy bed is really soft and plush, covered in ultra-soft fabric. The cushioned pillow can be easily washed in a machine to keep it clean. If you need to take your cat on the go, the bed folds flat, making it convenient to bring along. We just wish all our cats recognized it as a bed rather than just a toy!

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Best Orthopedic Cat Bed: PetFusion Ultimate Lounge Memory Foam Bolster Bed

A good-quality orthopedic bed can really make a cat feel more comfortable. These beds provide support for joints and relieve pressure, making it easier for cats to have a more peaceful night’s sleep. While they may be a bit more expensive, many pet owners believe the health benefits are worth the cost. Memory foam, a material that evenly distributes your pet’s weight, is excellent for providing support. Older cats, those with arthritis, overweight cats, or cats recovering from injuries can all enjoy the extra cushioning and comfort of an orthopedic bed.

Considered the best in orthopedic pet beds, the PetFusion bed keeps its shape without sagging. The small size has two inches of memory foam for medium firmness (while the large and extra-large sizes have four inches of foam). The bed also features polyfill bolsters that support your cat’s neck and provide a cozy spot to snuggle. Additionally, the memory foam liner is completely waterproof, protecting your investment from spills and accidents.

Best Cave Cat Bed: Meowfia Premium Felt Cave Bed

If your cat values having some personal space, a snug cave bed can provide a safe spot for them to relax and “escape” from everything. These beds, designed like dens, are especially reassuring for kittens, shy cats, and those who live in busy households with lots of noise.

The Meowfia Cave Bed, crafted from 100% merino wool, is one of the most sought-after cat caves available. You can place it on the floor, sofa, or wherever your cat likes to chill. You can even flatten it out to turn it into a comfy sleeping pad. We’ve given it a try ourselves and were impressed by its stylish design and its appeal to cats.

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Top 10 Best Cat Beds for Purr-fect Comfort

Best Self-Warming Cat Bed: Aspen Pet Self-Warming Bolster Bed

Cats naturally look for warm places to rest. So, if you live in a colder place, a self-heating bed could be a good idea. These beds keep and bounce back your pet’s body heat without using electricity. A self-heating bed is a handy option for older cats or kittens that get easily cold, and it might help them sleep better.

Usually, a self-heating bed costs less than an electric one. They are a good pick if you’re worried about a chilly part of your home but don’t want to deal with electric cords. The reasonably priced Aspen bed with self-warming features has a special material inside that reflects your cat’s natural warmth. The bed also has tall walls that keep the heat inside, making it even more snug for your cat.

Best Tent Cat Bed: Best Pet Supplies Pet Tent

Tent and cave-style cat beds are perfect for giving your cat a sense of security and warmth while also muffling noise. These beds work well for cats that enjoy hiding. The Best Pet Supplies Pet Tent is especially reliable for providing a secure spot. It’s also a great choice for napping and might even entice your cat away from your bed or favorite chair.

The soft foam sides and bottom not only create a comfy space but also help to reduce noise and trap warmth. Each bed comes with a removable, washable pillow that your cat will enjoy cuddling with.

With seven different colors and prints available, you can easily find one that matches your home décor seamlessly. Keep reading our list of the Top 10 Best Cat Beds for Purr-fect Comfort.

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Best Plug-In Heated Bed: K&H Thermo-Kitty Fashion Splash

If you have an extra electrical socket, a heated plug-in bed can keep your indoor cat warm and comfy. Some electric beds even come with canopies or bolsters to make them even more snug. Hairless cats like the Sphynx, older cats, and those with ongoing pain can benefit the most from a heated bed.

K&H Pet Products has created some of the best heated cat beds available. Our testers really liked the Fashion Splash Thermo-Kitty because of its soft fabric and effective heating feature. The bed has poly-filled bolsters around the edges that provide warmth, and there’s also an orthopedic foam base for added comfort.

Best Cooling Cat Bed: ArfPets Self-Cooling Gel Mat

Gel mats are a popular type of cooling bed that soak up and release your cat’s body heat without needing water, electricity, or refrigeration. The gel is safe and non-toxic, although it might cause a stomachache if your curious cat decides to taste it. Cooling mats are great for cats that get too hot, such as breeds with flat faces, overweight cats, and those with long, thick fur. They’re also handy for cat owners in warmer areas.

The ArfPets Self-Cooling Gel Mat is a convenient and easy-to-maintain option. The mat starts cooling when your pet sits on it, and we tested it with two cats who enjoyed the comfy bolsters and the pleasantly cool (but not freezing) temperature. The bed stays cool for up to three hours, and it recharges in 15 minutes of non-use.

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Best Sofa Cat Bed: Enchanted Home Pet Pet Bed

A pet sofa is a great way for your cat’s bed to match your home decor. Most of these sofas are designed for both dogs and cats, so check out the smaller sizes among the various dog sofas available. We recommend this handcrafted sofa made with quality wood construction. It comes with soft ultra-plush polyester fabric and a removable, washable cushion cover. The raised back is designed to make your cat feel secure and protected while resting. Elevated on two-inch legs, it provides a draft-free sleeping space. The back of the sofa also has a handy storage pocket for toys or treats.

To keep the foam cushion in place, there’s a toggle and loop to secure it and prevent it from sliding out. Enchanted Home offers a variety of faux leather and plush sofas, with most available in sizes suitable for cats. If your cat is much over 10 pounds, consider getting the next size up.

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Best Elevated: K&H Comfy Pet Cot

Cats love being up high, like snoozing on the back of sofas or on tables. Having a bed lifted off the ground can make cats feel safe and cozy. Elevated beds also keep pets away from cold floors.

A reliable pet brand, K&H, offers different cot-style elevated beds. We recommend their “Comfy Pet Cot” for cats, as it’s especially comfy with a plush, cushioned center. You can use this bed inside or outside, making it a great option for your porch or catio.

Best Bed for Kittens: Best Friends By Sheri, Meow Hut

Little kittens need a bed that’s safe, warm, and super comfy. They really like cave-style beds because they provide a secure spot for kittens to watch the world. Kittens also enjoy soft cushions and blankets that remind them of the warmth of their mom.

The Meow Hut from Best Friends By Sheri is not just cute; it’s a big hit with kittens and small cats. The enclosed design gives shy kittens a private place to relax and take a nap. The bottom is made of oxford fabric, which resists water and dirt, making it handy for kittens who are still getting the hang of using the litter box. And, if there’s a little accident, you can toss the whole thing in the washing machine.

What’s even better is that it’s affordable, so if your kitty decides it’s more of a scratching post than a bed, it’s not too heart-wrenching.


Cats are elegant creatures and quite mysterious too. They require absolute comfortability and that includes their bed space as well. We hope out list of the Top 10 Best Cat Beds for Purr-fect Comfort helps you.

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