How to Create a Dog-friendly Home

Having the desire to own a pet is not enough, you must ensure that you can actually take care of them. Unlike what people think, owning a dog is not an easy task at all. Just like having a baby, owning a dog means making specific changes in your house. In this post, we shall give you all the necessary tips on How to Create a Dog-friendly Home. We made mention of important tasks like Picking furniture that’s good for pets and Keeping things clean. As well as the Basic Things to Consider when getting a Dog and how to Choose pet-friendly fabrics.

Dogs make great friends and companions, turning any place into a cozy home. Whether you live in an apartment or on a farm, it’s crucial to make your home safe and comfortable for your furry friend. We’ve compiled a list of ten important things to ensure your home meets your dog’s needs, from puppy-proofing to keeping away fleas. While dogs are generally adaptable and happy around people who make them feel safe, if you’re getting a new dog, it’s essential to do some groundwork. Create a welcoming and secure environment for your dog. Thus, building a comfortable space for both of you and fostering a lasting bond.

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Basic Things to Consider when getting a Dog

  • Comfort: Ensure your dog has a comfy bed in a quiet space where they can relax and stretch out.
  • Shelter: Provide a place for your dog to escape wind, rain, and sun.
  • Food and Water: Keep fresh water accessible, not too close to their bed. Also, feed them regular meals based on your vet’s advice.
  • Temperature: Ensure the environment suits your dog’s needs, providing ways to keep cool in hot weather and warmth during cold spells.
  • Exercise: Make sure your dog gets daily indoor and outdoor exercise, including walks and playtime in a secure area.
  • Entertainment: Keep your dog from getting bored with safe toys and games like hide and seek or fetch.
  • A Safe Place: Every dog needs a secure and quiet spot, like a crate or bed, where they can relax undisturbed.
  • Poisons and Hazards: Remove any potential dangers, including poisons as well as hazardous plants. This is to keep your dog safe in their environment.
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How to Create a Dog-friendly Home

Whether you’re new to having a pet or just want to make your home safer for your little furry friend, here are some tips to make your place more welcoming for your dog. The tips on How to Create a Dog-friendly Home include;

Pick furniture that’s good for pets

Select furniture that’s made from sturdy and easy-to-clean materials like leather or microfiber. Avoid furniture with sharp edges or corners that could hurt your dog. It’s a good idea to choose pieces with rounded edges or removable slipcovers for easy washing. Also, go for furniture with fewer gaps or openings where your dog might get stuck or hurt.

Put up “pawbaby” gates

Use gates to keep your dog out of rooms or places that might be risky for them. Places like the kitchen or a room with fragile stuff. This keeps them safe and lets you keep an eye on them. Pick a strong gate that fits well in doorways or on stairs. In addition, make sure it’s tall enough so your dog can’t jump over it.

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Watch out for things at home that can be harmful

Make sure your dog can’t reach things like poisonous plants, cleaning stuff, or medicines. Keep them in a safe spot your dog can’t get into—maybe use a latch on cabinets or also a baby gate.

Keep things clean

Even if you’ve matched your furniture with your Golden Retriever’s fur so well that the hairs are hardly noticeable, make sure to vacuum your furniture at least twice a week, especially if your dog is shedding a lot. Pet hair has a smell and an oil that can attract dirt to the fabric it lands on. Invest in a good vacuum, and you’ll be surprised by how much dirt and hair it picks up.

Regular cleaning is important for your pet too! The cleaner your pet, the cleaner your house will stay. Trimmed nails prevent scratching on floors or furniture. Regular brushing and bathing help get rid of loose hair before it ends up on your floor, bed, clothes, or curtains. This way, you also won’t have to deep clean your couches and rugs as often.

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Choose pet-friendly fabrics

Getting durable fabrics that can handle fur, claws, drool, and more is a smart way to make your home pet-friendly. The bonus is that it’ll save you money because you won’t have to keep buying replacements. While there’s no fabric that’s completely pet-proof, some can handle the wear and tear your pet might cause.

  • Microfiber: Fabrics like microsuede or micro-velvet are tough and resist stains. They’re also good at keeping pet hair off and easy to clean with a damp cloth or vacuum.
  • Crypton: Crypton is a super tough, synthetic fabric that has a protective barrier against stains, smells, bacteria, and muddy paws.
  • Outdoor fabrics: Made from strong materials like polyester or acrylic, outdoor fabrics are designed to handle the elements. They resist fading, stains, and moisture, making them great for pet owners.

Pick large patterns that naturally hide small marks, and consider a scotch guard treatment on your fabrics.

Give them their own space

Just like everyone else in your home, your pet needs a place to go when they want some alone time. Make a special spot for them, like a comfy bed, crate, or a designated room. This creates a sense of safety and comfort, and it’s a place where they can keep their toys and chill out when things get too busy. This is an important aspect of knowing How to Create a Dog-friendly Home.

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Keep them busy

A bored pet can sometimes become a bit destructive. If you notice your dog or cat is causing trouble, try switching up their toys. A rubber toy like the Kong can be a good substitute for chewing on the sofa leg. For cats, a scratching post and climbing tree combo might be more appealing than scratching the carpet. Toys that engage and challenge your pet mentally can help prevent them from wrecking your home.

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Change out your pet’s toys every now and then to keep them interested and avoid boredom. Regularly check and throw away any toys that are damaged or worn-out to keep your pet safe.

Similar to kids’ toys, pet toys can end up scattered around the house, creating extra mess. Use decorative baskets or bins that match your home’s style to tidy up. The open top makes it easy for your pet to grab their toys when they’re ready to play, although they probably won’t be putting them away!

Set up a place for meals

Create a special spot for your dog to eat, which can help organize their eating routine and support a healthy diet. Choose a quiet location for the feeding area to avoid distractions during meals. Keep the feeding area clean by cleaning it regularly to ensure good hygiene and prevent the growth of bacteria.

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Stay away from harmful plants

Know which plants in and around your home might be harmful to dogs and take action to limit access or get rid of them. Some plants like lilies, tulips, daffodils, sago palms, and azaleas can be toxic. If you have these plants, keep them away from your dog or think about replacing them with ones that are safe for pets.

Give your dog a house outside

Make sure your furry friend has a place to stay outdoors. Dogs enjoy being outside, but sometimes it gets too hot or cold. A dog house gives them a shelter when they’re outdoors, so they don’t have to endure extreme temperatures all day!


These are the most important things to note on How to Create a Dog-friendly Home. You must also take into consideration the kind of dog you have as well as its personality. Do you find this post helpful? Let us know in the comments.

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