How to get Dog Hair Out of the Car: See the Easiest Method

If you have a dog, it’s really hard to avoid having their hair in your car. Even though we adore our furry friends, it can be exhausting to discover their hair everywhere in our car seats and carpets. Cleaning dog hair from your car upholstery can be challenging, especially if you’re not familiar with the right techniques. We have created a guide in this post, “How to get Dog Hair Out of the Car: See the Easiest Method” to help you. We talked about methods like Using a Vacuum Cleaner and Removing With a Velcro Hair Curler. As well as Making use of Duct Tape and Employing a Professional.


You don’t have to leave your beloved pets behind when you drive just because you own a car. Pets are like family for many pet owners, and you shouldn’t have to leave them at home just to avoid getting pet hair in your car. Now, let’s explore simple ways to get rid of dog hair from your car. Each method has its own benefits, and you can choose the one that suits your situation and the tools you have available!

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Use a Vacuum Cleaner

To get rid of dog hair in your car, using a vacuum designed for pet hair is a great idea. Regular vacuums at home are ideal for carpets because they are powerful and come with good attachment tools. If you don’t have a power outlet nearby, portable vacuums can also work well.

When vacuuming your car carpets, lift the vacuum in an upward motion to pull loose hairs out of the carpet. Avoid using vacuum heads with hard plastic, as they might damage the carpet.

Invest in Lint Rollers!

This tool is really handy for quickly getting rid of pet hair in your car. It has sticky paper that does the job – just roll the lint roller over your carpets and seats, and it will pick up the pet hair.

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It’s smart to always carry a lint roller when you’re out, especially for recently shed pet hair. Lint rollers are great for a fast cleanup because they’re light and easy to carry. However, they may not reach tricky spots. Keep one in your car’s console so you can quickly remove pet hair after each trip.

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Get a good Pet Hair Brush

To prevent dog hair from getting into your car, a good idea is to get a high-quality pet hair brush. There are various kinds available, so pick one that suits you. Once you find a good brush, it will make it much easier to keep your car clean and free of dog hair.

Remove With a Velcro Hair Curler

Surprisingly, a velcro hair curler can work really well for getting rid of dog hair. The elongated tips on the curlers help lift the hairs off the seat easily without causing damage. Plus, you can use the same velcro hair curler multiple times without needing to replace it.

If you have some old velcro hair curlers lying around at home, you can keep them in your glove compartment. Whenever your dog leaves hair in the car, just roll the curlers on the seats and carpets. Once you’ve collected the dog hair, wipe it off the curlers outside the car.

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Make use of Duct Tape

A cheap way to get rid of dog hair in your car is to use duct tape. Tear off a big piece, wrap it around your hand with the sticky side facing out, and pat down your car surfaces. The hair will stick to the tape. When the tape gets full, replace it with a fresh piece and keep going.

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Another method is to use rubber gloves. Dampen the gloves with water, put them on, and run your hands over the seats and fabric surfaces in your car. The damp rubber helps the hair stick to it. Lift off the stuck hairs by rubbing your gloved hand in short strokes. When the gloves get covered in hair, rinse them under warm water, and the hair should come off easily.

Consider getting a Seat Cover

A good seat cover can protect your car seats from pet hair, fur, dust, and other messes. Just put the cover on the seats when you take your dog in the car. When you’re done, take off the seat cover outside and shake it to get rid of any pet hair or debris. Keep reading this post on “How to get Dog Hair Out of the Car: See the Easiest Method” for more!

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Use a Wet Cloth

If you don’t have rubber gloves or lint rollers, you can still get rid of pet hair from your car using a wet cloth. Make the cloth damp with warm water, wring it out, and then run it over the area with pet hair. The dampness helps lift the hair, and you can use the cloth to wipe away any leftover hair.

How to get Dog Hair Out of the Car: See the Easiest Method

Use the Wire Bristle Attachment on a Steamer

A steamer is a great way to clean up almost all of the germs and bacteria left by dog hair. It uses tiny vapor molecules to get rid of dirt, grease, and stains. The high heat from the steam can also eliminate germs, mold, and dust mites using only water.

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To remove dog hair from your car, attach a bristle wire to the steamer. Just run it over the hair with light steam, and the hair will get caught in the tool.

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Buy Balloons!

A unique but surprisingly useful way to remove dog hair is with balloons. When you rub a balloon on surfaces, it creates static electricity that attracts dog hair, even from tricky spots. Inflate a balloon, tie it up, and then rub it over your car’s fabric upholstery, carpet, or any surface with dog hair. The static charge will pull the dog hair towards the balloon as you move it around.

Employ a Professional

This is the simplest choice, but it comes with a price tag. Professional cleaners have special tools that you might not have, so they can thoroughly clean your car and leave it looking great. You might not get to boast about putting in a lot of effort, but you’ll have a fantastic interior without doing the hard work.

How to get Dog Hair Out of the Car: See the Easiest Method


In conclusion, managing dog hair in your car can be simple and effective. Whether using DIY methods like lint rollers or opting for professional cleaning services, finding the right approach ensures a clean and comfortable space for both you and your pet. With these accessible techniques, getting rid of dog hair in your car is easier than ever. We have now come to the end of the topic “How to get Dog Hair Out of the Car: See the Easiest Method”. Let us know in the comments which of these methods you will try.

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