Top 10 Dog Breeds for Families

Dogs are naturally friendly creatures. However, not every breed of dogs is safe to bring in to your family especially if you have kids. If you intend getting a dog for your home, check out our list of the Top 10 Dog Breeds for Families. We made mention of popular dog breeds like the Golden Retriever and Irish Setter. As well as less popular breeds like Mastiff and Bernese Mountain Dog.

There are many good reasons to bring a pet into your family. Taking care of a dog can help kids learn about being responsible, compassionate, and patient. It also keeps them busy. But before you decide on a dog, make sure to find out about different breeds. Some dogs enjoy playing with active kids, while others are naturally calm and better for living with little ones. If you have young children, think about adopting an adult dog instead of a puppy.

Family dogs are dogs that get along well with everyone in the family, including both kids and adults. These dogs are not just friendly in general. If you want a new family member with lots of energy to keep up with an active family, we got you. We have listed the Top 10 Dog Breeds for Families to help you. Check it out!

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Top 10 Dog Breeds for Families

A good family dog is typically not scared or nervous; they usually feel comfortable and follow your relaxed vibe or guidance in different situations. These 10 dog breeds are excellent choices for families with children.

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Labrador Retriever

They’ve stayed the favorite dog breed for a long time for a good reason. Labs are friendly with kids, adults, and other pets – pretty much everyone. Their nice nature makes them quick best friends with anyone they meet, but don’t forget they have lots of energy. This lively breed requires daily exercise, and they can become as big as 80 pounds.

Golden Retriever

Another beloved American favorite, Golden Retrievers truly are the typical family dog. They learn things quickly and need a lot of physical activity – they enjoy running, swimming, fetching, and all sorts of active play. In exchange, they’ll be a happy companion with lots of playful antics.

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If your kids bring a lot of excitement to your home, a Greyhound could be a good fit. According to Hartstein, they only need a small amount of space to be happy, and they enjoy short bursts of activity before taking long naps. Additionally, there are many retired racing Greyhounds looking for homes.


Beagles are a happy breed that loves being around people. They are quite active and enjoy playing fetch or going on long walks with their owners. They’re always ready for some fun and are content to cuddle with their favorite people in the evening or play with the kids. Originally bred to hunt in packs, beagles usually get along well with other dogs. However, because they might get distracted by interesting scents, it’s important to keep them on a leash when outside the house or yard.

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If you’re a fan of large dogs, you’ll adore this calm and easygoing breed. Similar to Beagles, they require training, but they enjoy being laid-back and seldom bark. Your only challenge might be finding enough space for their giant dog bed.

Bernese Mountain Dog

If your family likes big dogs, think about getting a kind and giant friend like the Bernese Mountain Dog. They can weigh over 100 pounds, but beneath all that fur is a sweet and warm-hearted pet that is known for being gentle with children.

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Irish Setters

Irish Setters are happy dogs with lively and carefree attitudes that many dog lovers find attractive. They usually make great family pets since they enjoy being around children, other dogs, and even cats that are friendly to dogs. These dogs are very affectionate and loyal to their family, and many are also eager to be friends with people they don’t know. However, they are quite energetic, and if they don’t get enough exercise, they might start doing things you don’t want, like barking a lot or chewing on things. So, it’s important to give an Irish Setter regular exercise.


If you prefer a more relaxed life, a faithful bulldog could be a good match. Apart from daily walks, these dignified dogs enjoy a good nap. Although their wrinkled faces might charm you, be cautious in a warm climate as their short noses make them prone to getting too hot.

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French Bulldog

No backyard? Not an issue – people living in the city love these calm and easy-to-care-for dogs. Their distinctive “bat ears” and smaller size make them stand out from their bigger bulldog relatives. The typical French Bulldog has a lively and playful demeanor along with a relaxed ability to adapt.

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Collies are one of the smartest dog breeds, and if you’ve seen Lassie, you know why. Collies are incredibly loyal and love children. Concerned about the fur? Collies come in both “rough” and “smooth” varieties for those who aren’t keen on grooming a lot.

Top 10 Dog Breeds for Families


When getting a dog for your family, taking note of the breed you are getting is important. This is because the way you will care for the dig is hugely dependent on the breed. We have given a list of the Top 10 Dog Breeds for Families. Let us know if you would like to get any of the mentioned breeds in the comments.

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