10 Beautiful Black Cat Breeds you can Adopt

Over the years, black cats have been mostly associated with bad omen and mystery. They have been castigated and set aside from both humans and animals alike. However these cats are gorgeous and often times even more intelligent than the normal colored cats. They deserve love too, which is why we made a list of 10 Beautiful Black Cat Breeds you can Adopt. We talked about popular breeds like Bombay, American Shorthair, Manx and Scottish Fold.

Black cats are often linked to mystery and magic. Surprisingly, they aren’t a specific breed but can be different cat breeds with black coats of various lengths. While these cats are charming, some negative beliefs stem from stories about witches and their supposed demon disguises as animals. If you’re interested in having a black cat, these 10 breeds may not perform magic, but they’re sure to bring happiness.

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The Bombay cat is a lively and affectionate mix of the black American shorthair and Burmese breeds. They have sleek black fur and always look like mini panthers with shiny gold eyes, different from other black cats that might have yellow or green eyes. These cats are full of energy and have distinctive personalities. They enjoy various activities, especially if their favorite human is involved. However, Bombay cats aren’t suitable for homes where they would be left alone all day.


The Persian cat, known for its cute flat face, is a favorite for many. You can easily spot them with their soft and shiny black fur. This breed is one of the oldest, originating in Iran (previously Persia). It gained popularity in the 1871 Crystal Palace cat show and was even Queen Victoria’s favorite.

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Since Persians have long, luxurious fur, it’s important to brush it daily with a metal comb to prevent hairballs and knots. An occasional bath is also recommended. Persians are often known for their gentle voices and affectionate nature, although they can be a bit shy. They thrive in calm environments and can be playful at home. While they share some traits with the Maine Coon, Persians are usually smaller, weighing around 7-12 pounds.

Fun fact: Persians with black coats typically have copper-colored eyes.

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Main Coon

Maine Coons, known as big and gentle cats, hold the title for the largest domestic cat breed. Some of them are even said to be reaching almost 4 feet in length. They have large whiskers, paws, and facial features. These cats form strong connections with their owners, and surprisingly, despite their size, they enjoy cuddling and being held—unless they’ve become too big for your arms! Maine Coons come in various colors, including solid black, cream, red, blue, tabby, bi-color, and more.

Scottish Fold

When you see a Scottish Fold cat, the first thing you’ll probably notice is their ears folded down. Next, you might be captivated by their big, expressive eyes, almost like Puss in Boots. These cats are very affectionate and act like dogs by following you around the house instead of hiding like some cats do.

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Oriental Shorthair

You won’t find this lively cat hiding in the shadows. These adorable cats come from England and are very social. They love playing fetch, and when they’re not doing that, they enjoy cuddling or following their owners around the house. Like many cats related to Siamese breeds, Oriental shorthairs are known for being talkative. However, unlike their relatives, they have a unique vocalization that sounds more like a honk than a meow. Their short, sleek fur is easy to take care of. Besides black, you can find them in lovely lavender, cinnamon, orange, and almost every pattern imaginable. Keep reading for more of the 10 Beautiful Black Cat Breeds you can Adopt.

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American Shorthair

The American Shorthair is one of the favorite cat breeds in the United States. They originally worked as cats in North America, mainly for keeping rodents in check. Nowadays, they’re great pets for families with kids and often live for 15 years or more. Like many breeds, they come in different colors, including black. Some black-coated kittens might have smoky colors on their belly and tail, but these usually turn completely black as they grow up.

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The Manx cat comes from the Isle of Man in Britain, a tiny island in the Irish Sea. Sailors and farmers have long appreciated their ability to catch mice. What’s most distinctive about them is their tail, or rather, the lack of it. They have thick, double coats that can be all black, but you can also find these friendly cats in almost any color or pattern, with orange, tabby, and tortoiseshell being the most usual. To keep their loose hair in check and off your couch, it’s a good idea to brush them every day.

American Bobtail

American Bobtails are big, sporty cats that are pretty smart, as per TICA. They make excellent family pets because they’re usually friendly with everyone. Overall, they enjoy making people happy and have charming personalities. Their fur comes in many colors and can be either long or short. If you have a black-coated Bobtail, they’ll likely have a thick, soft coat and may have black or brown pads on their paws.

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Japanese Bobtail

Here’s another black cat with a short tail—the Japanese bobtail. They’re full of energy, love to play, and enjoy being the focus of attention. These cats are not big shedders, easy to groom, and really smart. Originally from Japan, they’ve now become popular in the U.S. These medium-sized cats can have either long or short fur. Besides black, they can be entirely white, chocolate, blue, have two colors, be calico, or, most often, white with colored spots.


Siberian cats can have various coat colors, including a rich black coat. Regardless of the color, these big cats are equipped with three thick fur layers designed for the cold Siberian winters. Besides their fur, Siberian cats are smart, loving, and enjoy being around both people and other pets. To keep them active, you can use a cat wheel or engage in interactive play sessions.

10 Beautiful Black Cat Breeds you can Adopt


In conclusion, the world of cat breeds offers a diverse array of stunning black cats, each with its unique characteristics and charm. Embracing the diversity of black cat breeds not only adds elegance to your home but also introduces you to the delightful personalities that make each of them truly special. We have now discussed the 10 Beautiful Black Cat Breeds you can Adopt. Let us know in the comments which one you’d like to get.

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