Best Products you need to Fly with a Dog

Taking your dog or cat on a trip can be challenging for both of you. Many pets feel anxious or nauseous during travel. Some of them may also become bored, need to go to the bathroom, or get hungry and thirsty while on the road. If you intend flying with your dog, these are the Best Products you need to Fly with a Dog. We reviewed the Best Dog Carrier: Away The Pet Carrier and Best Toy: KONG Classic Dog Toy. As well as the Best Blankets: Cloud Island Swaddle Blankets and Best GPS Collar: Link Smart Pet Wearable.

Before flying with your dog, it’s important to understand the rules of the airline and flight you’ve chosen. Different airlines have varying weight limits for pets in the cabin, typically around 20 pounds. Your dog should be vaccinated and able to stay in a pet carrier throughout the flight. However, it’s not just about following airline rules; the key is to reduce stress for both you and your dog. Having the necessary tools and staying calm can make the journey less stressful for everyone involved.

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Best Products you need to Fly with a Dog

Before you go on that trip with your dog, these are the best brand you can get your travel products from.

Best Dog Carrier: Away The Pet Carrier

When you’re booking a flight for your pet, you’ll usually need to share the size of your pet carrier. Soft-sided carriers are often a better choice because they can more easily fit in the designated space under the seat. We recommend The Pet Carrier from Away as our top pick. It features a removable bed, a sleeve for easy carrying, and the Center for Pet Safety has crash-tested it for safety, protecting your dog from bumps during travel.

The carrier looks like a gym bag and comes with a shoulder strap and handles for carrying. It has both internal and external pockets for storing important documents like your dog’s vaccine record, as well as essentials like wipes and a collapsible bowl for water.

Best Portable Pet Bowl: Maxbone Go! Portable Bowls

We really like this two-in-one silicone pet bowl set that you can roll up. It makes feeding our pets easy, and it’s one less thing to worry about when traveling. Each set includes two bowls that are about five by two inches in size, and they are connected to a larger flat mat measuring 15.4 by 9.3 inches. The bowls are like wells with walls, and each can hold around two-and-a-half cups of food. We tested them with a dog that likes to splash, but the built-in placement and the way the bowls are attached make them almost spill-proof.

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The silicone mat catches any spills or scooped-out food. Cleaning is simple with soap and water, and the silicone dries quickly — great features when you’re on the go. The best part is that you can roll up the mat and easily fit these bowls into your pet’s carrier or a tote. We also appreciate the stylish geometric design, and they come in trendy colors like mint, pale yellow, peach, and sand.

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Best Pee Pads: Bulldogology Premium Puppy Pee Pads

Many airports in the United States have special areas for pets to take a break and relieve themselves. However, it’s a good idea to pack slim puppy pee pads just in case the airport doesn’t have such an area, or it’s too far from your gate. The Bulldogology Puppy Training Pads are a great choice because they quickly absorb and contain dog pee. Thus, making it easy to clean up and throw away in a nearby trash can. 20 puppy pads were tested in New York lab and in homes with real dogs for several months. Fortunately, these pads consistently received high marks for being durable, effective, and easy to use.

Best Travel Wipes: Pogi’s Grooming Wipes Travel Pack

Always have a small pack of Pogi’s Grooming Wipes in your pet carrier pocket for fast cleanup of any mess, such as vomit from motion sickness or noticeable dirt on your pet’s bottom. You can also use them to wipe your pet’s paws after they’ve been in the designated pet relief area. Pogi’s Grooming Wipes don’t have parabens, sulfates, or alcohol, and they’re gentle enough to use on your pet’s face. Each travel-ready pouch is resealable and contains 20 wipes. This is one of the Best Products you need to Fly with a Dog.

Best Rawhide Treats: Better Belly Original Chicken Liver Knotted Bones

Offering your dog a Better Belly Original Chicken Liver Knotted Bone will keep them happily occupied with a delicious treat. The mini-sized knotted bones are approximately two inches long, making them a space-friendly option for your dog’s carrier. These treats are made from rawhide that has been processed for easy digestion. In addition, they don’t contain gluten, grain, or artificial colors.

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Best Toy: KONG Classic Dog Toy

Give your dog a treat and a puzzle game all in one by placing a Kong Classic Dog Toy in their carrier. The x-small size version of this rubber toy is 2.5 inches long and 1.4 inches at its widest point. It can be filled with bite-sized dog treats, your dog’s favorite kibble, and a variety of dog-friendly foods. However, we suggest avoiding peanut butter on a plane just in case someone on board has a severe peanut allergy.

Best Calming Chew: Zesty Paws Advanced Calming Bites

Zesty Paws crafts the Advanced Calming Chews with natural ingredients, offering them in three flavors that dogs love. They are turkey, peanut butter, and bison. Each soft chew contains chamomile, melatonin, hemp seed powder, and types of L-theanine and ashwagandha, all thought to have calming effects to keep your dog relaxed.

To check how your dog responds, we suggest giving them half a chew a few weeks before your flight. If there are no negative reactions, you can gradually increase to one full treat, which is the maximum recommended for dogs weighing under 25 pounds.

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Imagine the Link Smart Pet Wearable Tracker as a Fitbit for dogs. It’s not just a GPS tracker; it also monitors your dog’s health, activity, and offers behavioral training using sounds and vibrations. It uses Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and mobile signals for accurate location info. You’ll need to download an app, but it’s easy to set up. Great for travel or hikes, it alerts you if your dog goes beyond set boundaries, allows temperature alerts, turns on a built-in flashlight, and provides real-time health checks. It even has a step counter. The catch? It requires a subscription, with options for monthly, yearly, or two-year plans. The wearable comes with two attachment options and a wall charger.

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Best Products you need to Fly with a Dog

Best Blankets: Cloud Island Swaddle Blankets

To make your dog’s carrier more comfy, consider adding a Muslin Swaddle Blanket from Cloud Island. Soft woven cotton makes these blankets breathable and easy to machine wash. You can easily fold up the thin blanket, which has dimensions of only 47 by 47 inches, without taking up much space in the limited area within a carrier. The importance of blankets can not be overemphasized. This is one of the Best Products you need to Fly with a Dog

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Best Treat Pouch: Wild One Treat Pouch Kit

The Wild One Dog Treat Pouch is handy for carrying essentials when you’re out with your dog. It has a space for poop bags and compartments inside for treats, your phone, and small items like hand sanitizer and ID. You can wear it crossbody, on your shoulder, or as a fanny pack, keeping your hands free while traveling. Attach it to your pet carrier or place it in your second carry-on item to stay within the two-item limit. The exterior, available in various colors, is made of recycled nylon and is easy to spot clean with soap and water. It features a magnetic closure for easy access and comes alone or as a kit with organic baked dog treats.

Best Clips: Rifle Paper Co. Lively Floral Binder Clips

Having a few colorful binder clips, like the Margaux Binder Clips from Rifle Paper Co. (around 2-4), is really useful when traveling with your dog on a plane. Unlike resealable bags for treats, which can be unreliable, binder clips are easier to spot and can keep things accessible. You can use them to secure important items, such as your dog’s vaccination records and rabies tag, in an internal pocket of your backpack. Unlike chip clips or clothesline pins, binder clips hold things together more securely and have a streamlined design that works efficiently, especially in stressful airport situations.

Best Products you need to Fly with a Dog


If you are looking to travel by air with your dog, go through this Best Products you need to Fly with a Dog to keep you prepared. If you are still skeptical, you can let us know in the comments an we will be happy to help.

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