Dog Car Bed: Why you need a Good Dog Car Bed

Picking the perfect bed for your pet in your car, truck, or SUV might seem overwhelming. It is a whole new experience if you’re a new dog owner or haven’t had one before. With lots of choices available, figuring out the best one for your needs can be challenging. That is why we have put together some tips to guide you in this post, “Dog Car Bed: Why you need a Good Dog Car Bed”. We also talked about Things To Consider when Buying a Dog Car Bed and Best Beds For Cars. As well as products like the Sleepypod Mini Mobile Pet Bed and PetSafe Happy Ride Booster Seat.

Some dogs get anxious when it comes to riding in cars, to the extent that they avoid getting into one. However, there are situations, like going to the vet, where taking your dog in a car is necessary. Luckily, using a car bed can help make your pet feel more at ease during the journey. There are other reasons why you should invest in a good dog car bed. We shall now discuss them.

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Why do you need a Good Car Bed?

Are you still skeptical about getting a dog bed in your vehicle? Maybe these reasons will help clear your reservations;

Helps Dogs with Anxiety

Some dog breeds are more likely to feel anxious. If you have a Chihuahua, for example, your pet might get nervous during car rides due to things like discomfort or feeling too confined.

Even though training can lessen your pet’s anxiety, having a car bed that provides comfort and security can also help keep your pet calm by offering a sense of comfort and stability.

Improves Comfort during Rides

Sometimes, your pet might not want to get in the car because it feels uncomfortable, not just anxious. Car seats are made with humans in mind and may not be the best for dogs.

Car seats can be slippery and cause discomfort for your pet if the buckle digs into different parts of its body. Using a car bed ensures your pet travels comfortably, protecting it from belt buckles and preventing sliding or bumping into car doors during turns.

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Provides Safety for Dogs

Accidents can happen during car rides, which is why seat belts were created for humans. Similarly, making sure your pet is safe is crucial. The top dog beds have a security leash or belt to keep your pet in place during the drive, protecting them in case of an accident.

Things To Consider when Buying a Dog Car Bed

Having discussed the reasons why you should get a dog car bed, we shall now talk about certain considerations. It is not just enough to buy a bed for your dog, you should also consider certain things. They are;

Choosing the Right Size

When picking a dog bed for the car, the first thing to think about is the size. You need a bed that fits well in the backseat or trunk of your car without being too small. Measure the space where you want to put the bed and make sure to check the bed dimensions before buying.

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Focus on the Safety Features

Safety is crucial when traveling with your dog. Look for a dog bed that comes with attachments or straps to keep it in place. This helps prevent the bed from sliding around, creating a safer space for your dog during the journey.

Get a Dog Bed with a Blanket

A popular trend in pet products is dog beds that come with blankets. These built-in blankets provide an extra layer of warmth and coziness for your dog, especially in colder weather. They also give your dog a feeling of security by imitating their natural instinct to burrow. Additionally, if your dog gets anxious during car rides, the blanket can act as a comforting tool.

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Materials and Strength

Make sure the car dog bed is crafted from tough materials that can handle regular use. Beds that are waterproof or water-resistant can be especially handy to protect against spills or wet paws.

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A good dog bed should be easy to put in place every time. It should be straightforward to figure out where and how the bed will go in your car to ensure safe travel.

Think about where your dog prefers to sleep (if at all) during car rides and place their bed in that part of the car. Make sure the bed you pick is easy to set up, and you can quickly install it before your trip.

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Best Dog Beds For Cars

We shall now look at some of the products we recommend for your dog;

PetSafe Happy Ride Booster Seat

Pet Safe’s Happy Ride Booster is made to ensure your small dog enjoys a comfortable and enjoyable car journey. The product comes with a safety tether to keep your pet secure and connects to the seat belt to keep the booster at the right height. The booster’s outer layer is made of durable polyester oxford fabric, and the inside is lined with soft fleece. The inner liner is removable and machine washable for your convenience.

Backseat Barker: SUV Edition

The Big Barker Backseat bed is simply the best orthopedic dog bed for car trips. It has a top layer of therapeutic comfort foam and a bottom layer for shock absorption and support. Perfect for older or large dogs, this car bed is easy to use with its pillow wings, and it comes with a machine-washable suede cover. It even has an extra-grip, non-slip insert for extra stability.

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Sleepypod Mini Mobile Pet Bed

Not many dog products offer both style and top-notch safety, but Sleepypod’s Mini Mobile Pet Bed is an exception. It’s crash-tested, so your furry friend’s safety is guaranteed. This bed is perfect for small dogs with anxiety issues who need a cozy travel crate to relax in. The zippered dome-top can be opened and closed as your dog likes, and the mesh screen provides plenty of ventilation.

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Dog Car Bed: Why you need a Good Dog Car Bed

Barkbox Dog Bed

Wrapping up our top dog car beds list is the amazing Dog Mat/Bed by Barkbox. It’s great for dogs with orthopedic issues due to its 3-inch memory foam mattress, making it slim enough to fit into travel crates without taking up too much space. In addition to being machine washable, portable, and easy to care for, this memory foam dog bed also includes a cute squeaky toy to keep your dog entertained.

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The Green Pet Shop Dog Cooling Mat

If you’ve been waiting for a cooling dog bed that can also be used as a pad for travel crates, check out The Green Pet Shop’s Cooling Mat. This bed is perfect for dogs with thick fur and is easily accessible on popular online platforms like Amazon.

The mat works when your dog applies pressure to it and doesn’t require electricity or batteries to keep your canine cool. It comes in different sizes, is waterproof, and is incredibly easy to store and carry. What else could you need?

Is it okay to keep my dog securely in the seat for the entire ride?

To ensure a bed is safe for car use, it should allow you to attach a seatbelt to your dog’s harness while on the move.

For larger cars or if your dog is anxious, you might consider using a crate in the vehicle for extra security. If you plan to crate your dog during the journey, a soft and cushioned pillow bed is sufficient to ensure your pet travels comfortably.

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Dog Car Bed: Why you need a Good Dog Car Bed


In conclusion, a good dog car bed is an essential investment for any pet owner. It not only enhances the comfort of your furry friend during car rides but also contributes to their safety. The right dog car bed provides a secure space, prevents slipping, and can alleviate anxiety for your canine companion. We have now come to the end of “Dog Car Bed: Why you need a Good Dog Car Bed”. Let us know what you think in the comments.

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