Dog Car Seat: Check out Top 10 Dog Car Seats and How To Fix Them

Whether you’re going on a road trip or just running errands, it’s important to make sure your dog has the right protection to stay safe in the car. Accidents can happen, and without proper restraint, your pet could get hurt or thrown out of the vehicle. Sometimes, they get hurt even during a sudden turn or stop. It is for this reason that it is wise to invest in Car seats. This post on “Dog Car Seat: Check out Top 10 Dog Car Seats and How To Fix Them”, will guide you through your selection process. We also highlighted the Best Overall Car Seat and Best Car Seat for Nervous Travelers. As well as the Best Car Seat Booster for Small Dogs and Best Budget Dog Car Seat Harness.

If you plan on taking a trip with your dog, a high-quality dog car seat can make them feel more at ease. This is so even during long journeys. Not only do these seats enhance your dog’s comfort, but they also serve as an important safety measure. Thus, helping you adhere to Highway Code regulations when your dog is in the car. We’ll explore various stylish and safe dog car seats and booster seats designed to keep your dog safe and secure. In addition, it gives your dog a great view while traveling with you.

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Top 10 Dog Car Seats and How To Fix Them

These are our top picks of the Top 10 Dog Car Seats of 2024;

Best Overall Car Seat: Away The Pet Carrier

To use this pet carrier safely in a car, you need to connect it at three important points. The front has latches that secure the seatbelt around the carrier, the shoulder strap wraps around the car seat’s headrest, and there’s an interior clip that attaches to your dog’s harness or collar to keep them securely inside. The carrier has mesh openings on the top and sides that you can unzip for easy interaction with your dog. It also has retractable privacy screens to reduce distractions.

This carrier has practical storage features, including a long side zip pocket with a key holder, a waterproof-lined pocket with drainage holes for your dog’s collapsible water bowl, and a slot for an easily visible emergency contact name tag. It meets the FAA requirements for bringing a pet inside the cabin of a commercial flight, but you should check with your airline for any size restrictions before flying with your pet. Keep in mind that this carrier may be too small for dogs over 18 pounds. It comes in black or “Coast” blue.

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Best All-Around Small Dog Car Seat: Sleepypod Carrier Series

If you need a good car or airplane seat for your dog, check out Sleepypod. The Atom, Air, and Mobile Pet Bed are approved by the Center for Pet Safety. The Air can hold dogs up to 18 pounds, and the Mini is for pets 7 pounds and under.

We especially like the Mobile Pet Bed for dogs 15 pounds and under (and the mini version for pets under 7 pounds) because it serves as a bed, carrier, and safe car seat all in one. You can partially open the top or completely unzip the mesh top based on how you want to use it.

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Best Car Seat for Nervous Travelers: Diggs Travel Carrier

This bag has three pockets, a removable cross-body strap, and a handy side panel that lets you insert a pee pad (20.8 by 11.6 inches) without disturbing your pet. Mesh side panels and a zippered mesh top allow you and your pet to easily check on each other. While it’s suitable for air travel, it might feel a bit big for everyday use as a carrier.

Best Mid-Range Dog Car Seat: Ride Booster by PetSafe.

The seat has three ways to attach it to your car: headrest straps, lower car seat straps, and seat belt loops. This setup ensures a comfy and stable ride, especially around turns. You can adjust the headrest straps to match your car windows, giving your dog a great view. For safety, the seat includes a dog seat belt tether, assuming you have a dog harness. If your dog gets muddy, no worries—the outer covering is stain-resistant. In addition, both the outer and inner liners are removable and machine-washable. While the seat comes with a padded fleece liner, we think adding extra padding, like a dog blanket, could make it even more comfortable.

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Best Car Seat for Large Dogs: Rock Creek Crates ALUMINUM DOG CRATE

If you’ve got a big dog, this crate made of strong aircraft-grade aluminum is certified by CPS. Additionally, it is great for transporting your furry friend.

Rock Creek Crates makes this Aluminum Dog Crate in the U.S. and offers it in three sizes. The manufacturer suggests measuring your dog’s height and length to pick the right crate size. Be careful, though—the crate might be too big for certain vehicles, like smaller SUVs or hatchbacks. Make sure to check your car’s measurements before buying.

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The crate arrives ready to use, and it comes with a removable pad inside and cushioned handles outside. It’s easy to clean and has anti-slip feet. To keep your dog secure, the front door has a lock and key, making it escape-proof. It’s a bit pricey, but the manufacturer gives a 10-year guarantee.

Best Dog Booster Car Seat: Kurgo Skybox Rear Booster Seat

These Car seats for dogs are designed to lift smaller or shorter dogs. Thus, making it easier for them to see out of the windows, which is especially helpful for dogs prone to car sickness. However, many of these seats are meant for front seats, which isn’t safe. This Kurgo booster seat is suitable for dogs up to 30 pounds. Thus, providing a secure spot for them to enjoy the scenery on road trips or cozy up for a nap in a den-like space.

The booster seat includes a tether. However, for safety, it’s recommended to connect your dog directly to the seatbelt using their car harness, rather than relying solely on the booster seat. Keep reading this post on “Dog Car Seat: Check out Top 10 Dog Car Seats and How To Fix Them” for more amazing car seats.

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Best for Protection: Tavo Pets Maeve Car Seat

The Maeve Pet Car Seat by Tavo Pets consists of two parts: the pet carrier and the vehicle base. These work together to keep your dog secure in the backseat of a car. The carrier comes in three sizes for dogs up to 30 pounds, providing sun protection and meeting safety standards for child restraints according to United Nations ECE (R129).

The pet carrier has a strong frame and is covered in flame-resistant fabric. It includes a movable canopy with UPF 50+ protection, zippered mesh windows for visibility and airflow, and two memory foam mattress pads for your dog to rest on. The Maeve also comes with two liners, two leash tethers, and an organized pouch.

The 12.5-pound vehicle base, once installed, doesn’t need to be moved for proper use of the Maeve as a car seat. The pet carrier is easy to install and remove from the vehicle base and can double as a pet stroller when paired with the Roscoe Stroller Frame from Tavo Pets.

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Best Car Seat Booster for Small Dogs: Kong

Kong is famous for their popular dog toys, but they’ve recently entered the world of dog travel. Their Kong Secure Booster seat is made and tested to the highest standards, just as you’d expect from Kong. You can place it directly on your car seat or elevate it by adjusting the headrest straps. The adjustable straps secure the booster seat to your car seat for stability.

One clever design feature is the multiple storage pockets on three sides, perfect for keeping dog essentials like balls, poop bags, and water bottles. The outer cover is waterproof, and the inner cozy lining can be machine washed. Kong recommends this car seat for dogs up to 812 grams, so it’s suitable only for very small dogs.

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Best Car Seat for Very Small Dogs: Sleepypod Atom

This small dog car seat and carrier is simple to secure in a car using the built-in buckles on each side, allowing you to thread a seatbelt through. Similar to the Sleepypod Mobile Pet Bed, the Sleepypod Atom Carrier is certified by the Center for Pet Safety.

It comes with a padded, adjustable shoulder strap for easy carrying, and the top features a zippered mesh panel, providing convenient access to your little pet. The bag is made for dogs (and even cats!) weighing up to 12 pounds. It’s easy to clean by wiping, and it’s suitable for use in the main cabin on most commercial flights.

Best Budget Dog Car Seat Harness: Sherpa Dog Car Harness

Pet owners with medium and large dogs appreciate this strong car dog harness because of its sturdy build. The extra-large size can accommodate chest sizes up to 50 inches. Constructed from nylon with a secure locking clasp, it offers four adjustment points and includes robust handles for attaching a seat belt.

Dog Car Seat: Check out Top 10 Dog Car Seats and How To Fix Them


In conclusion, choosing the right dog car seat is crucial for your pet’s safety and comfort during travels. Explore the top 10 options and learn how to properly secure them to ensure a safe and enjoyable journey for both you and your furry friend. We have now discussed our top picks in the topic, “Dog Car Seat: Check out Top 10 Dog Car Seats and How To Fix Them”. Let us know in the comments if this was helpful.

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