List of Dog Safe Flowers

Spring is coming soon! The flowers are about to bloom, and the rain is joining in too. Pet owners are excitedly deciding which house and garden plants to grow this year. However, there’s a concern. Are there plants that won’t harm dogs? It’s important to choose non-toxic options, but there are plenty of choices, so you’re not restricted. We have compiled a comprehensive List of Dog Safe Flowers for you to choose from. We talked about flowers like Roses, Cranesbill, Perennial Hibiscus, Thyme and Tickseed. Check them out!

When picking plants and flowers safe for dogs, Google can help. Remember to be cautious and double-check from various sources, as info may differ. If it’s confusing, play it safe and choose something else. Some plants, like lavender, seem safe but have a mildly toxic substance called linalool. The amount is usually low, so it’s often considered safe for pets. But, if a dog eats a lot, there might be mild symptoms. Know this if you’re adding lavender to your garden. Some other flowers that made it to our list of safe plants for dogs are;

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Roses might have thorns that can cause small injuries, but they won’t harm dogs. These perennial plants are safe for dogs, and they bring beauty and a lovely smell to any garden. With lots of types, shapes, and colors, from climbing roses on trellises to vibrant floribundas with flower clusters, roses are a versatile and dog-friendly choice for your garden.

List of Dog Safe Flowers


Sunflowers are tall with bright yellow flowers, and they’re a beautiful sight. The good news for pet owners is that these flowers are safe for dogs. The seeds are not just okay for humans and birds but can also be eaten by dogs in small amounts.

If you prefer something smaller or have a small dog, you can go for dwarf sunflowers. They give the same vibrant look without being too big in your garden.

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Marigolds are a lively and useful choice for a garden safe for dogs. Their colorful orange and yellow flowers not only add a burst of color to indoor plants but also help keep pests away. These flowers are entirely safe for your furry friends, so you can plant them without any concerns.


Snapdragons are a joy for any garden, and their special, mouth-shaped flowers can be a fun topic of conversation. These plants may be poisonous, but they’re safe for dogs and bring an interesting look and feel to your garden. The unique shape often tempts dogs (and kids) to gently squeeze the sides of the “dragon’s mouth,” making it open and close!

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List of Dog Safe Flowers


If you want an easy-to-care-for plant that brings lots of colors, go for zinnias. They come in many shades, from bright oranges and pinks to softer pastels. These plants won’t harm dogs, and they even attract butterflies, adding more beauty and interest to your garden.


For those who enjoy cooking and love their dogs, why not bring together dog food, cooking, and gardening? Basil is a safe herb for dogs that has many uses. It has a nice smell that can keep away certain pests and is also a great addition to various dishes.

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This is another versatile and dog-friendly herb you can plant in your garden. It’s a low-growing plant, making it good for ground cover, and it has a pleasant smell. Thyme can grow well even in dry and rocky conditions, making it a tough and useful choice for different landscapes.


Camellias are safe for dogs and can add a touch of elegance to your garden. These shrubs bloom in pink, red, or white and can grow up to 20 feet tall, but there are smaller kinds too. They can withstand winter weather, so you get to enjoy their beauty all year. Just remember to plant them in well-drained, acidic soil and give them some shade to shield them from the hot afternoon sun. Keep reading to see more List of Dog Safe Flowers.

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Crapemyrtle is famous for making your garden look impressive, especially when it’s not flowering! In the summer, its bright flowers and colorful leaves are so eye-catching that you can’t help but admire them. If your dog is interested in this shrub, that’s okay. It’s safe for them, and it’s strong enough to handle a bit of nibbling.


Your dog may not be the only fluffy thing in your garden! Astilbe brings a playful texture to any garden with its fluffy flower spikes. These perennials are great for shady areas, and they have dark, fern-like leaves and plume-shaped flowers. It’s safe for pets, tough, and easy to take care of.

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Perennial Hibiscus

Simple to look after and bursting with bright flowers, the robust hibiscus is an ideal plant for the summer. This eye-catching plant is not only safe for dogs but also attractive to pollinators! Butterflies, hummingbirds, and bees will gladly visit the flowers, as long as your pup doesn’t scare them away.

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Creeping Rosemary

Creeping Rosemary, a well-liked perennial herb, is safe for dogs and can be a great choice for your garden. It’s a tough plant that spreads out, making it ideal for rock gardens, borders, or as a nice-smelling ground cover. The pretty bluish-purple flowers attract bees and butterflies, creating a lively and eco-friendly garden. Moreover, you can use the leaves in various delicious dishes.


The constant blossoms of tickseed (Coreopsis) will catch everyone’s eye in your garden! These lively flowers keep blooming without needing to remove the old ones. Don’t be concerned; it doesn’t attract ticks, but it has tiny dark seeds that look like little bugs (which is why it’s called tickseed). Still, make sure your dog has their tick medicine just to be safe! Keep reading for more of the List of Dog Safe Flowers.

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Fennel is a handy and nice-looking herb that is entirely safe for dogs. The airy leaves and yellow flowers can bring texture and a bit of a Mediterranean vibe to your garden. It’s simple to grow, liking lots of sunlight and well-drained soil. Plus, fennel seeds have health benefits and are often used in different types of cooking.

Black-Eyed Susan

Black-eyed Susan brings bright color to your garden just when it’s needed the most, late in the season! Many cheerful flowers pop up in late summer, standing tall above dark green leaves, and they handle the heat well. The plant is safe for dogs, and with so many flowers, it’s unlikely your dog could eat them all.

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Cranesbill, also known as perennial geranium, is tougher than it seems! This strong ground cover can handle heat, drought, and is not bothered by insects or diseases. It’s also resistant to deer. Even if your dog bothers it, it will keep thriving in the garden. It’s safe for dogs, but most dogs don’t like its taste anyway.

List of Dog Safe Flowers

Coral Bells

People love coral bells for their colorful leaves that stay vibrant from spring to fall. The leaves grow together to create a beautiful mound of foliage. Luckily, all parts of this plant are safe for pets! While it’s quite tough, it may not like being stepped on by your dog. Planting it in a pot can help avoid any paw traffic and keep your dog from ripping the leaves.

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Stonecrop brings vibrant energy to your garden in late summer, a usually quiet time, with many starry blooms announcing the arrival of fall. It can handle heat, humidity, and drought, keeping its fresh look in hot months. The best part is, it’s safe for pets, so you can feel at ease knowing your dog will be okay around it!

Why do I need Dog-friendly Flowers?’

Selecting safe plants is just one aspect of making a garden that’s friendly for your dog! It’s crucial to pick a mulch that won’t harm your dogs too. Mulch made from cocoa shells, such as cocoa bean mulch, can be poisonous for dogs. Consider using cedar, pine, or hemlock mulches as a safer choice. Avoid using harmful chemicals on your plants. If you must use fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides, keep your dogs away from those areas until it’s safe. Always consult your vet if your dog seems uncomfortable after playing in the garden.

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List of Dog Safe Flowers

Climbing Plants that are Safe for your Dog

If you have a plain fence that needs some flowers, a border that’s a bit empty, or you just want a lush climber over your doorway, we’ve got the solution. There are lots of great climbing plants that are safe for your dog. You can choose from options like jasmine, climbing roses, star jasmine, Madagascar jasmine, and chocolate vine.

What to do about Unsafe Plants for Dogs

Some plants may only be a bit harmful, so they could be safe in your garden if you fence them off or put them in a raised bed to keep your dog from munching on them.

Consider your dog’s habits when deciding what’s safe. If your dog sees the garden as their salad bar, avoid plants known to make dogs sick. Some dogs won’t eat things that don’t seem tasty, which helps keep them safe from harmful plants.

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In summary, when cultivating a dog-friendly garden, choose safe flowers like sunflowers and lavender. Also, consider your pet’s habits to ensure a secure and beautiful outdoor space for both you and your furry companion. We have come to the end of the List of Dog Safe Flowers. Subscribe to our website and lave a comment below.

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